Top 10 Best Anime Series Everyone Loves To Watch Again And Again

The anime world has changed in two decades but there are some animes which fans want to see again and again. Here is the list of the top 10 best anime series everyone loves for this list. We’ll be looking at the anime that has earned universal acclaim from a countless number of fans purely for their accessibility and overall enjoyment factors from mainstream hard hitters all the way to indie darlings these shows bring a smile to everyone’s face.

1. Howl’s Moving Castle (2004)

You all know that every Miyazaki movie their classics pure and simple from the hand-drawn art style. The enchanting visuals all the way to their timeless narratives unburdened by modern tropes. Each dripping with a beauty that’s sadly a rarity these days. You’ve obviously got the likes of spirited away princess Mononoke and her neighbor Totoro.¬† That charmed everyone from casual watchers all the way to the academy not to mention some of Miyazaki’s lesser commercialized ghibli works. In comparison such as the castle in the sky which are mini-masterpieces in their own right. It’s truly the pinnacle of the art form one that fans are happy to revisit over and over again.

2. Dragon Ball Franchise

This anime series was most popular among the 90’s kids. Whether you’re a purist who swears by the original dragon ball. A hardcore Dragon ball Z enthusiast or fell in love with its most recent venture. Super Goku’s battles against the worst the universe has to offer are still just as popular today as they were during its inception. With the fights against the Saiyans androids freezer and the rest etched into otaku’s hearts. It’s impossible not to look at this series fondly, and just when you think the hype has finally died down they bring out a super movie just to pull us right back in.

top 10 best anime series

3. One Piece

Engaging in daring and romantic adventures on the high seas don’t come more epic than this. The undisputed king of the original big three Luffy and the straw hat’s ongoing adventures continue to captivate us. While they’re nowhere near as close to discovering goldy rogers hidden treasure. Their journey has been one for the ages expertly weaving together bizarre comedy. The most imaginative of settings as well as heart-touching themes of freedom, justice, prejudice, and militarization. To pack all that under one roof is extremely difficult but all thank’s to the oda’s genius¬†mind no wonder everyone’s still watching.

4. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Most properties can only wish for this kind of treatment a spiritual reboot with limitless production quality. But in actual that sticks exactly to the source material in its entirety of course. It doesn’t hit that the Elric brother’s tale of redemption is one of the medium’s best at 64 episodes. It’s certainly an ordeal to sit through but due to the magnificent cast fascinating incorporation of alchemy and intrinsic plotting. There’s literally no moments that ever feel like padding throw in a conclusion that actually ties everything together neatly. Also, there’s a reason why so many harp on about this being one of anime’s greatest.

5. One Punch Man

The second season may have been very hit and miss. But everyone can agree that Saitama’s debut was the stuff of legends. Mainly due to it being the sarcastic take on superheroes that the anime scene had been waiting for a while. You would have thought that having a protagonist who could easily wipe out any foe with a single strike. This might make for a repetitive viewing experience this turned out to be the show’s greatest strength. Not only making for some great comedy but unparalleled fight scenes with the baldy caped guy bringing down everything from giants to space tyrants to meteors in the flashiest way imaginable.

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top 10 best anime series

6. Case Closed

By this point, we’re pretty much convinced that Conan is going to outlive us all. Since he’s been solving mysteries and thwarting evildoers non-stop through a medley of series films. Every kind of spin-offs for well over 20 years guess a good old detective drama never truly goes out of style. Especially when your lead is a genius who suddenly finds himself transformed into a child due to the influence of a criminal organization. From that point on Conan tackles case after case with the end goal of restoring his original form. All under the guidance of his unbreakable creed that one truth prevails.

7. Haikyu!! (2014)

There is a lot of sports anime series everywhere even those with zero interest in volleyball couldn’t help but become entranced by karasuno’s struggle. In order to reclaim their former glory spearheaded by the combined skill of the hyperactive Hinata and too cool for school Kageyama. We dare you to not find yourself wholly engrossed watching these lads push themselves to their peak all before taking on giants like shiratorizawa for the chance to rise to the top.

8. Kaguya sama: love is war (2019)

If there was ever a romantic comedy to unite all anime lovers. The chances are one not only is the chemistry between our leads genuine and heartfelt. But it’s funnier than it has any right to be dead set on getting the other to confess their love. The floodgates are opened to all manner of misunderstandings crazy schemes and outrageous humor that isn’t afraid to go to some rather vulgar places.

top 10 best anime series

9. Doraemon franchise

This cat robot has been bringing joy to the masses for decades and shows zero sign of slowing down. What makes this time-traveling airless anime so appealing. Well if you ask Japanese audiences it’s due to the fact that his tales of innocent fun life lessons. Also, the tender interactions with his young charge Nobita have been a part of their lives. Since their childhoods who would then go on to also become a part of their children’s lives too. It’s harmless fantasy fun with an inspiring affection nature that continues to inspire even to this day. Even Kyomo del toro is a fan of this anime franchise.

10. Cowboy Bebop

No one can forget this anime series where anime haters seem to enjoy Spike spiegel’s coolness. Truly knows no bounds in all fairness it’s not hard to see why with the majority of the episodes being self-contained stories. That focus on the bebop crew’s exploits across the galaxy. All of which tend to contain slick sci-fi settings exhilarating action sequences and some timeless banter between our space-faring gang of rascals. Spike brings the swag jet brings the hearts Ed brings the laughs and Faye we’re pretty sure she’s still secretly the one waifu to rule them all.


Hope that you have like the top 10 best anime series list. If didn’t watch any of the anime from the above list then hurry up and watch the complete series. The above list is on the basis of rating and rankings given by the fans.

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