How To Build A 100 Dollar Gaming PC Step by Step Guide

Building a 100 dollar gaming pc seems to impossible even for a pro gamer or an experience gaming pc builder who builds thousands of gaming pc. The main challenge that comes in your way is the parts that are to be used to build a $100 pc. As you all know that building a gaming pc under such tight hands is not an easy task.

In this article, I’ll tell you about how you can build a gaming pc if you have 100$ in your pocket. If you want to do 1080p 60 FPS gaming then you are in the right place. In order to make this kind of build, you have to be patient. Since if you are building a $100 gaming pc it means we will use an older PC or refurbished parts.

Before starting with the gaming pc build there is a disclaimer for you. First, the parts will be taken from an old PC or Workstation. There is no other way you can build a PC from news parts at 100$. Second, you don’t require a guide or a pro help to build this low-cost PC. With good research and time with these two factors, you can make a gaming pc at a very cheap price.

Also in this article, I’ll share the benchmark details of the games which I have tested on this 100 dollar gaming PC build. Some of them are high-end games such as Overwatch, COD Warzone, Fortnite, League of Legends, Counter-Strike, and others.

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How Can I make a gaming computer out of $100?

Man, this is a tricky question when you are going with this kind of budget. But that’s why I am here to share the experience of building my 100 dollar gaming pc. Now first of all before building a what you need to do is research for the parts. For this, you can visit the eBay gaming pc section where people put ads for selling their old PC’s. Also, you can use Facebook Marketplace to search for the cabinets and pc parts.

Honestly, if I tell you that it took me three weeks to get a good deal on old PCs and other parts such as graphics, RAM, and PSU’s. Hence proper research is necessary before building a $100 gaming pc. Let’s dive in and what parts did I use to build this cheap but Ultimate gaming pc.

All parts which I get in the building this pc are the fruits of my research maybe you get this deal or maybe you do not. So I would suggest you research more and more search on eBay and other websites that sold used parts for cheap. Another method for getting used part is that go to the local pc service centers there you will get the parts at a cheap price.

Hardware Specifications of 100 dollar gaming pc

To build a 100$ pc firstly, I have to select which old pc would be best for me to turn it into a gaming pc. After a lot of research, I got eyes on the Dell Optiplex workstations. Now it is the time to search for pc luckily I got a good deal on the Dell Optiplex 7010 full-size tower on eBay. There are other mid-size and small form factors available but I chose to go with a full-size tower.

The specifications Dell Optiplex 7010 workstation given below. I got this workstation at a price of $65 which is good according to its specification.

BRANDDell Optiplex 7010
CPUi5 3570
GPU Not Available
PSU300 Watt OEM
PRICE $50 - $70

The price ranges vary according to its specification some of them have good storage. Some of them have original windows and high RAM sticks. So the price varies according to these features. If you go with this PC then you can get this between $40-$70 on the basis of the specification.

The pc which I get from the eBay gaming pc section has a high memory stick, decent storage, original window with no GPU. But I think it a good deal cause it does not have to increase the RAM or storage. Initially, it is good for gaming later on it can be upgraded.

If you are building a gamic pc then SSD is preferred but with a tight budget of 100 dollars, you can go with the same hard drive. The loading time of the game will be slow but you will get used to it.

100 dollar gaming pc

Graphic Card(GPU)

GPU is the heart of the CPU for a gaming pc so a good GPU is necessary for a good gaming experience. Since I did not get any graphics with the pc si I was looking for a used one. Again I go to eBay and search for a decent graphic card there I found AMD RX 560 4 GB GPU. This GPU is best for this PC for 1080p 60 FPS gaming. The price tag of this GPU was 30$.

This graphic card can easily pair with my LGA 1155 dell motherboard. The CPU can overclock up to 3.4Ghz which is pretty decent for a gaming purpose. Now there is no change requires in PSU to run this graphic card. The older PSU 300 Watt OEM is enough to power the system and Graphics card.

The only requirement is the SATA to 6 pin adapter cable which is easily available on Amazon. The price of this cable was $5 now all the parts are available let’s go to the assembly.

How To Assemble a 100 dollar gaming pc parts?

See you don’t have to do much but on this pc because everything is sorted for you. The only thing you have to do is put the GPU in its slot and connect it SATA to 6 Pin adapter cable. Here are some things which should be there on your checklist.

  • Check the thermal paste of the processor if it is in bad change the thermal paste.
  • In the same way, check the thermal paste of your GPU by opening the screws. Apply the paste then put it on the GPU slot.
  • Do all the necessary dusting before wrapping up.

There is one with this build that there is only one DVI slot that will work with one PC. But you can’t ask for more in this budget. Connect your PCI cable with your graphic card and that’s it your 100 dollar gaming pc build is ready. Let’s see the cost of the whole pc build it will exact 100$ thus fulfill our gaming pc desires under this budget.

PC Cost$65
XFX RX 560 GPU$30
Sata To 6 Pin Adapter Cable$5

Benchmark Of $100 PC Build With Different Games

Now it’s time to get this pc build shine. Let’s see how 100 dollar gaming pc performs with different games. The table is shown below where you will see Game name, Settings, Average FPS.

MEDIUM/1080P 65

So these are some pretty awesome benchmark for a 100$ pc. These part if this pc is that it can run the latest games if you do a slight change in the Graphic settings. This PC is at a whole new level.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you turn any pc into a gaming pc?

This statement somewhat true but you can’t change every pc into a gaming pc. There are several factors such as your motherboard it supports up-gradation or not. Whether you can increase memory or RAM stick to boost the performance for gaming. Also, your device can handle the high GPU or not so these are some important aspects before converting any pc to a gaming pc.

  • How much does it cost on average to build a gaming PC?

The cost of building an average gaming PC where you can play the latest games will cost you around $500 dollars and above. Why I am saying this because you will build the PC according to your future plan. You will use this PC for at least two years before going for another up-gradation. You can see the gaming world is changing with the change in graphics. Now you can see more realistic graphic games whether it is racing or shooting or role-play games.

  • Is Building a PC hard?

See, I would say it is a matter of knowledge. If you do good research and learn about the parts then you can build your own gaming pc. Other than that there are so many people who have knowledge about the pc build. You can ask those peoples or give them money to build your own gaming pc. Hence it is not very hard to build a PC.

  • Can you build a pc with no experience?

Yes, you can but at least you should have parts and other things used to build a pc. Also, make sure that while building the pc keep a knowledgeable person who builds pc besides you. So that he can give you direction and tells you about your mistake.


Let me ask you a question how was the 100 dollar gaming pc build? Hope that you like this built and if you are thinking about building your own $100 pc build then go ahead. The best PC for this building is the Dell Optiplex 7010 or Dell Optiplex 390. The thing I would like to say is to do the proper research watch on eBay and other websites to get a cheap deal. Share this article with more people and Happy Gaming.

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