Top 5 Best Action Anime Series You Should See In 2020

COVID-19 has disrupted the release of popular anime series or movies. In this article, you will know about the best action anime series or movies which are either released or going to be released in 2020. Also, in the year 2019 various anime sequels were very popular among anime lovers. Some the previous year popular anime was Kimetsu no Yaiba, Vinland Saga, and Sword Art Online: War Of The Underworld. Let’s see whether this year the anime series or movies will surpass its predecessor or not?

Kimetsu No Yaiba Season 2 which is going to be released in the month of October 2020. This time it will not be a series but it will be a movie. The official trailer is available on the Anime TV YouTube channel. The theme of this anime is the order come from demon slayer corps headquarters to investigate the demon activity on Infinity train. Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke start their journey where they found out that Flame pillar hashira is also traveling on the same train. The Flame Pillar hashira told about the people missing from the train. Later on, they found out the demon they are facing is lower and upper demon moon.

In the end, the Flame pillar hashira dies fighting with the upper demon moon. His death creates a great impact on Tanjiro to become top hashira in demon slayer corps. So that’s the plot of Kimetsu no Yaiba season 2. This action anime series breaks a lot of records.

  • Sword Art Online: War Of Underworld 2

With the popularity of the Sword Art Online season 2 War Of Underworld released in October 2019. There is so much action in the series that’s why it is the best action anime of all time. The Sword Art Online Alicization plots revolve around a girl named Alice who is artificial intelligence. The Japanese government wants to create an AI who can take the decision on her own. To make this project successful the military took the help of the Kirito. During the fight and defeat of the administrator in season one the dark territory forces attacks on the human territory. Season two is all about the fight between dark territory and human territory and in the end, Asuna joins the game to save Kirito’s Life.

Now the sword art online season 3 release date postponed from April 2020 to July 2020. In this season Alice will be playing the main role between the dark territory and human territory war. In season 2 users from west join the beta test and thousand of people enter the game. The war starts between the new players and the decoy forces.

  • The Irregular At Magic High School Season 2

Season one of this anime was a great hit. The anime comes under the category of action anime, school, and shounen. The story of season one revolves around Tatsuya and Miyuki both are siblings. Tatsuya joins the high school to enjoy high school life but there is another side of him. He is lieutenant at Japanese forces as well guarding her sibling sister Miyuki who is the next head of the family. Tatsuya is weak at magic but he is good at technology and he can understand by seeing at opponent magic which he is going to use.

The second season will deal with the androids infects by parasites and some irregular magicians. Tatsuya and Miyuki who is now in the second year of their high schools. If the story follows the light novel then the season seems to be boring. The season 2 official trailer available on the Anime TV YouTube channel.

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  • Attack On Titan: The Final Season

The upcoming Attack On Titan season will be the finale of the anime series. The most anticipated action anime of all the time. In season 4, you will be able to know about Eren’s father. Season 1, 2, and 3 were very popular among the anime lovers. Eren’s who has the power to change into the Titan and back to human. The faith of humanity lies in the hands of the Eren. He joins the forces in order to avenge his mother’s death who was eaten by a Titan. With the great story finally is coming to an end. The plot of the anime is not released by the production team. The release date is still unknown but you can see the official trailer on the Kevi Anime YouTube channel. There you can get some ideas about what will happen in the upcoming season 4.

  • Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown 

In a fantasy world where the goblins are the problems for the humans. The adventurer from the far and wide the Guild. For slaying goblins, the adventurer earns gold and glory. A priestess joins a group in the guild and goes on a mission to exterminate the goblins. But there something wrong and his whole group killed by the goblins at that time an adventurer rescue her. The sole purpose of this adventurer to kill all the goblins. The second season is an action anime movie which is the adaptation of the fifth light novel. The story of this movie revolves around rescuing another adventurer in the snowy mountain area. So, the Goblin Slayer, priestess, and other group people accept the quest where they face the most cunning type goblin name as “Paladin”.