Air India Boeing 737 Crashed Due To Overshooting At Kozhikode Airport

Last night a dreadful accident occurs at the Kozhikode airport. Air India plane which was arriving at the Kozhikode airport overshoot the runway and fell into the valley. According to the reports, 16 people are dead including the pilot, and the rest of the people are seriously injured. The rest of the passengers in the flight were thanking the pilot for saving their lives. This incident creates a sensation among peoples. The honorable prime minister Shri Narendra Modi tweet on this incident. He said “Pained by the plane accident in Kozhikode. My thoughts are with those who lost their loved ones. May the injured recover at the earliest. Spoke to Kerala CM regarding the situation. Authorities are at the spot, providing all assistance to the affected”.

The Home Minister Amit Shah tweet on this matter. He said, “Distressed to learn about the tragic accident of Air India Express aircraft in Kozhikode, Kerala. Have instructed NDRF to reach the site at the earliest and assist with the rescue operations”. DGCA ordered a detailed inquiry into the matter.

What is the Cause of the Air India Plane Crash?

The reports say about the overshooting of the plane on the runway. The term overshooting defines as if the plane does not stop at the required distance it ends up in the valley. So that’s the same case happen to the Air India plane as during the landing time it skips off the landing zone and ends up in the 35 feet deep valley according to the local residents. The plane breaks down into two pieces. There were a total of 191 people inside the plane including the crew members. The total loss of life is around 17 but the death toll may increase. The pilot of the plane is dead and the co-pilot of the plane is in critical condition. This dreadful incident occurs at 7.45 P.M. at Karipur airport.

The other reason may be the pilot unable to see the landing zone due to the rain. Also, the other reason for the crash may be the rain which makes the runway slippery due to which the plane skids. “Flap 3” landing which makes this incident happen. If you know the famous YouTuber “Gaurav Taneja” speak on this matter and he was suspended. The company told his pilots to do the 98% Flap 3 landing because it saves fuel. If you don’t do it then it is a violation of their SOP. There are some terrains where Flap 3 landing is not possible as it endangers the lives of people sitting inside. Let us see what DGCA says on this matter.

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