Air India One: New VVIP High Tech Plane (Boeing 777-300 ER) Reaches Delhi

The new aircraft for the Very Very Important Person(VVIP) reaches New Delhi. The name of this aircraft is Air India One.

This aircraft is only for the Prime Minister, President, and Vice President. The operational charge of this aircraft is given to the Indian Air Force.

Since there was no particular aircraft for the VVIP leaders that’s why India made this aircraft just like the US president’s own aircraft Air Force One.

Let’s know more about this aircraft and see its features what it can do?

About Air India One?

Basically, this aircraft will carry only the important personalities i.e. the top three leaders of India. These are the President, Vice President, and Prime Minister.

The Air India One arrives from the United States and reaches Delhi on 1st October 2020. The plane with be operational in from the year 2021. The aircraft comes under the class of Boeing 777-300 ER. 

Air India one images

The schedule to deliver this aircraft to India was in the month of July 2020. But it gets delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic in July Month. And the second time in the month due to some technical reasons. But finally, the plane reaches Delhi in October.

The plane equips with an advanced communication system that allows hassle-free audio and video communication in the air. The best part of this plane is that you can not hack the communication network while the plane is in the air.

According to the official’s statement, the plane takes off from Texas in the United States and reaches around 3 PM in Delhi. The Plane will carry the official people such as PM Narendra Modi, President Ramnath Kovind, and other senior dignitaries of the country.

Another similar Air India One aircraft Boeing 777 will come to India which can be seen in the future. Before this, these two aircraft were in the fleet of Air India for a few months in 2018.

These two Boeing aircraft sent back to Texas for retrofitting them for the VVIP personals. The cost of the aircraft and retrofitting was around Rs 4800 Crores.

State Of The Art Technology Used In Building This Aircraft

The Boeing 777 contains the state of the art technology missile defense system. This defense system is known as the Large Aircraft Infrared Countermeasures (LAIRCM) and self-protection suites (SPS).

The defense system technology used in this aircraft belongs to the United States. This technology cost around USD 190 million to the Indian government from the United States.

Indian Air Force pilots will operate two Air India One aircraft, not the Air India pilots while the VVIP is traveling anywhere outside India.

The speed at which the aircraft will fly is 900Km/hr. There will be a separate conference room to organize the meetings while flying in the air.

Air India one images

Currently, the Prime Minister, President, and other VVIP are using Air India’s Boeing 747 Planes.

Company Pilots fly these B747 planes at the time of when VVIP travels and these planes are maintained by Air India Engineering Services Limited.

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