Best 5 Free Apps to Watch Latest Movies & Web Series

Hello Guys..!!! Are you looking for Best free Apps to watch the latest movies and Web Series? In this 21st-century streaming services and online watching is rising and many of peoples are turning to online TV and there are many paid movie streaming apps like Hulu, Disney plus and Netflix which are most popular nowadays but not everybody can afford paid services for monthly and yearly. So here are the top 5 free streaming apps for watching the latest movies and web series.

1:- Tubi TV

Tubi TV is available for both iOS as well as Android without paying any charge. Lots of free movies are available on Tubi TV like romance, comedy and horror also so you can watch lots of popular movies and TV shows on this app. Every week you can check out something new like web series and the latest movies and TV shows because this Tubi TV is updated every week so you will never run out of new things to watch.

The movie player of Tubi Tv works very smoothly as well as with high quality and lots of content like drama, comedy, British series, some of the classics programs and even from different countries like Korean movies and these all are available for all the age groups without any subscription.

Some Features of Tubi TV are

  • Only the legal content is available on this app.
  • Tubi Tv has a very quick loading speed.
  • Bundles of TV shows and movies are available.
  • And one of the best features of Tubi TV is it support smart TVs, Roku and Xbox.
  • You can also enjoy Free streaming with High-quality content.

2:- Popcorn Flix

Popcornflix is also a free movie app that contains a large collection of movies and Popcornflix is available on the iTunes app store and play store. You can watch the latest movies and TV shows on this Popcornflix app without any subscription or charge. A large number of movies are available in Popcornflix more than 800 movies for best actors like Kristen Stewart, Brad Pitt and many more.

The movies are available in good quality and streaming works smoothly also the app is updated every day with new movies and TV shows so you can easily check out new content on this app so you can watch lots of new movies without any subscription or fee. Popcorn also offers exclusive content, called Popcornflix Originals. PopcornFlix contains some ads, but see a few ads is better than paying fees on a monthly or yearly basis. Popcornflix also contains you some TV series for free. So this is the best app for watching the latest movies and TV shows free.

Some features of Popcorn Flix are

  • Available for Android, ios, Amazon Kindle Fire and many more.
  • Good quality content is available without any subscription.
  • Also, it offers you exclusive content, called PopcornFlix Originals.
  • It contains a great collection of movies and TV shows.

3:- Yidio

The best convenient source to find movies for you is Yidio with stream video content. Yidio offers you more than 70 streaming services or the best way to search for streamed content. Yidio offers you free service and lets you search Amazon Prime, Hulu and many more also offer you 300 other services to find the movies which you want to see.

Yidio contains a large collection of movies and TV shows but the only issue is there are lots of subscription movies and paid movies are available but best for those who are able to pay for those kinds of movies. If the content is available on other services or platforms the Yidio list all of them along with their prices so with Yidio you can universally search any content, movies, Tv shows and watch them online and this you to finding movies very much easy.

Some features of Yidio are

  • Yidio has a Simple UI.
  • Contain some of fewer Ads.
  • You can search for 70+ services.
  • Yidio contains free movies with the best quality.
  • Yidio is a universal search platform.

4:- Sony Crackle

As we all know Sony Pictures is a big name in the film industry or in TV shows as well. Sony Crackle is the best way to watch Hollywood movies and TV shows the free app is available on the Google Play store and it contains a great collection of free movies, TV shows, a mix of old classics and the latest movies. And obviously, it contains the best sony Entertainment product and sony TV shows which can be streamed without any subscription also you can download movies as well.

The movie player works very smoothly and very easy to use. Sony Crackle also allows you to watch TV shows online without any charge or subscription also provides you personalized options like syncing the last play progress, you can able to resume your synced watch later content. This app is the best free way to watch a movie and other sony content, so you should try this app.

Some Features of Sony Crackle are

  • It allows you to watch content in different resolutions.
  • Sony Crackle has a free account with data storage.
  • Sony crackle has a quick loading service.
  • This app support HD quality.
  • Very easy to use with the best interface.
  • A Large number of movies are available along with free sony TV shows.

5:- Snag Films

The best app for documentaries and indie movies is SnagFilms this app contains more than 5000 movies SnagFilms is the best way to watching TV shows and movies on your iOS and Android. This app is also running on Android TV so if you have a smart TV you can enjoy it on the television as well. Snag Films consists of the best and large collection of movies as well as movies from Bollywood, Spanish, from horror to comedy, Korean, African and many more.

The different genres of films like comedy, adventure, horror, action and many more for all age groups. SnagFilms is also ad-supported like other free movie apps also Snagfilms contain international foreign films, gay or lesbian movies and many more also most of the free movies are of high quality and you don’t have to pay even a single penny to use Snagfilms.

Some features of SnagFilms are

  • SnagFilms contain LGBT based movies.
  • You get most high rated documentaries.
  • Snagfilms critically acclaimed independent movies.
  • Movies in SnagFilms are action, comedy, and horror based.
  • Free movies are also available in high quality.

So, Guys, these are the best 5 free Applications for your devices by which you can enjoy free video streaming and also you can watch the latest movies, Web series and TV shows. So you must try these applications on your devices and enjoy watching free movies and TV shows in the best quality.