Top 10 Best Action Anime Releasing In October 2020 You Should Watch

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the release of the anime series is affected. Here are some Best action anime series which is going to be released in the month of October. These anime series are handpicked one and contains all the genre such as Romance, Comedy as well as action.

1.  Assault Lily: Bouquet

The release date of the anime is on 2nd October 2020. The anime series is the adaptation of the manga. The plot of the series revolves around humanity, faces the attack unknown creatures known as “Huge”. The weapons are useless against the creatures. In order to protect humanity from the attacks of “Huge”, the anti weapon “CHARM”(Counter Huge Arms) was made. So that humanity can fight equally with the “Huge”. The weapon is a combination of science and magic. The more outcome can be taken out from the weapon if a teenage girl uses the weapon. These teenage girls who wield the CHARM are known as “Lilies”. The Lilies get the training on the military academy known as “Garden”. Also, the military academy provides assistance to peoples against Huge attacks. The plot revolves around the girls who want to become “Lilies”. The anime series is full of action.

best action anime

2.  I’m Standing On 1,000,000 Lives

The air date of the anime is on 2nd October 2020. This anime series is the manga adaptation of “I’m Standing On Million Lives”. The plot of this anime revolves around Yosuke Yotsuya who is a third-year junior high school. He does not have any friends. One day Yosuke Yotsuya accidentally comes into another world. A student who avoids a fight with the fellow classmates becomes a hero in the other world. One of the Best action anime series upcoming. Now, he’s the hero of another world his duty is saving people from the villain attacks.

best action anime

3.  TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You

The initial release date of this anime is on 2nd October 2020. The anime series is the adaptation of the manga “Fly Me To The Moon”. This anime series comes under the category of Romance and School. The plot of the anime revolves around the love story of Nasa and Tukasa. Nasa meets Tsukasa at the high school entrance exam where he fell in deep love with Tsukasa who is a very cute girl. Nasa propose to the Tsukasa and told her about his feeling towards her. To which Tsukasa replies she will go out with him after the marriage in the future. Several years later, on Nasa 18th birthday Tsukasa appears in front of the Nasa. After that, both of them get married and the new chapter of their life begins.

4.  Rail Romanesque

The first episode of this anime is going to release on 3rd October 2020. The time duration of one episode will be of 5 Minutes. The plot of the anime series revolves around Hinomoto which is the fictional version of Japan. In this country, rail is the most important mode of transportation. Rail lines have discontinued due to the popularity of “aerocrafts” which is a safe and easy mode of transportation. Due to this rails are devalued and shutting down slowly.

Soutetsu lost his entire family on the rail accident. He was adopted by the Migita household. They want to create a big aero factory in his hometown. Building the factory creates water pollution so he wants to save his home. Accidently, he woke up the rail lord Hchiroku and became his owner. With the help of his sister Hibiki, town mayor, local railway chief and others they agreed to find the lost locomotive.

5.  Iwa Kakeru! Sports Climbing Girls

The release date of the anime is on 3rd October 2020. The plot of this anime series is all about sports. These days sports anime are getting more attention in comparison to other genres. Konomi Kasahara a first-year high school student who finds sports climbing at Hanamiya’s Girls High school. In junior high, she had gone through various puzzle games and other sports. But when she got in Hanamiya’s Girls High School she came across the adventure sports climbing which makes her a part of the sports climbing team.

6.  Drop Fruit Idol Tart

The release date of the first episode is on 12th October 2020. The anime series is the manga adaptation of “Ochikobore Fruit Tart”. The series revolves around a girl Sakura and her dream is to become an idol. So she heads to Tokyo where she can study and pursue her dream. She is a resident of Nezumi Dorm and a first-year high school student. In the dorm, she found new friends Roku, Hayu and Nina who also wants to become an idol. So they become a team and form a new idol unit fruit tart. In the way of becoming an idol, they face problems but they do not waver and get back on their feet. Also to prevent their dorm from being demolished.

7.  Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon

The initial release date of this anime series is on 3rd October 2020. The anime series is a spin-off of Inuyasha manga. The storyline of this anime series is in feudal time period due to forest fire twin half-demon sisters Towa and Setsuna separates. While searching for her younger sister she got into the mysterious tunnel and through the tunnel, she reaches present-day Japan. She was found by Kagome Higurashi’s brother Sota and his family. They took her in their family and raise her. After ten years the tunnel which connects both the eras open and she met with her little sister Setsuna. Now Setsuna is working as demon slayer for Kohaku. She didn’t remember her older sister. Moroha daughter of Inuyasha and kagome along with the half-demon sisters they are in search of their lost memories. This will be the best action anime which everyone wants to see.

best action anime

8.  Taiso Samurai

The air date of the anime is on 10th October 2020. The Story revolves around a gymnast Shotaro Aragaki. He was one of the powerful gymnasts and member of Japanese Men Gymnast’s Team. Shotaro did everything in his power but he is not able to compete to his expectations. His former coach Amakusa advise him to get retire but he was training like hell every day. One day an encounter changes the life of the Shota Aragaki. This anime also comes under the category of sports anime.

9.  Okami-san wa Taberaretai

The initial release date of this anime series is on 6th September 2020. The anime series is the manga adaption of “Okami-san-wa Taberaretai”. The plot of this anime is Okami who is a junior high student her skirt was swiped by the rumoured “Skirt Bandit”. Her sensei was passing by at that time and he rescues Okami from the bandits. After the incident, she was frightened and his teacher drops her home. Okami has other things in her mind so she quickly closes the door and turns off the lights.

10.  Kyoshin to Hyoka no Shiro

The release date of this anime is on 8th August 2020. The plot of this series is after the return of Akane to Minami Shimabara from Tokyo he meets with his old childhood friend Shiro. Shiro and Akane were goofing and roaming around their hometown. Both of them were very happy as they were meeting after such a long time. When they were roaming a mysterious creature named Goron suddenly appear before them. Mysterious events start happening in the town after meeting with the creature. This is one of the best action anime series in terms of storyline.

best action anime

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