Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC 2020

Hello Friends..!! Here we know about the Best iOS Emulators For Windows PC 2020. Let’s know about What is an IOS Emulator for Windows PC. IOS emulators are software programs by which you can replicate your IOS operating system on your Windows PCs or Operating system. There are many benefits of using an IOS Emulators for PC: An IOS Emulators are very cost-friendly you can easily enjoy the IOS environment on your Windows devices without buying IOS hardware. Also, you can replicate the features of IOS like Siri, iMessage, etc on your Windows devices. So in this, we know about the best IOS Elumators for Windows PC 2020.

1- Smartface

Smartface is the choice of millions of peoples as an IOS simulators for Windows PC to run IOS apps on your Windows system. Smartface emulator is very much developer-friendly and this is the main reason for his popularity. With different powerful features, this emulator is very comfortable and securer to get access to different third-party applications. Smartface also provides plugins and enterprise services to extend applications contains, JavaScript codebase and javaScript library. Smartface is both paid and free. Also very compatible with Windows PCs.

2- iPadian

iPadian the choice of many professionals. iPadian makes it feels like you are actually working on an iPad. iPadian is very easy to set up and use. Also, iPadian offers all the basic features that you need and some advanced features. iPadian is designed and developed for a smooth ride in Windows PC with a clean and clear interface So that users can experience the taste of actual iOS on windows. This emulator is available in both free and paid versions. Also compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and OS. For games and apps, the free version is most preferred also with many pre-installed apps like Photoshop, Facebook, etc.

3- is best for iOS app demonstration and development. This emulator is a browser-based tool, so you do not need to download anything. is often compared with the for some legit reasons and because of many similarities. You can run this emulator free for a limited time and if you still wanted to continue so you have to go for its paid version. The basic plan started from $40 per month and Premium plan from $200 per month. This emulator is web-based so you can easily use it through your web browser by visiting the official website. The experience on this emulator will be very smooth and fine.

4- AIR iPhone

Another emulator is AIR iPhone which is based on the Adobe AIR framework. AIR iPhone is very easy to install and use. You can easily install and use this emulator without any complexity only you have to download and install the emulator, and then run iOS apps in it. AIR iPhone emulator is being designed by Adobe Air framework that makes the users fall in love with it and you can experience working on the iPhone screen as well. You can get pre-installed apps and some installed apps may be limited which you can easily get on the actual iPhone. Air iPhone comes up with a very simple and easy to use interface making it much simpler to install and use it on your PC.

5- iPhone Simulator

Another best tool for iOS app developers to try iOS apps is iPhone Simulators. iPhone Simulators replicates an iPhone so you can easily use apps and play games properly. With high-quality graphics and interface, iPhone Simulator is best for everyone for accessing iPhone applications and games and you will feel a real iPhone in front of you. Also, you can easily access the App Store and can run by upload the app files. This iPhone Simulator is convenient for both intermediate, and advanced users.

6- Ripple

Ripple is another iOS emulator on our list. Ripple Emulator is available as a browser extension or comes up with a Chrome extension. So you can easily install Ripple Emulator in your Chrome browser and set up everything very easily. Ripple is one of the best emulators used for testing any kind of iOS application but the only setback of Ripple is that it still is in the Beta stage. It offers you the best multiplatform mobile environment so you can easily use its little chrome extension to test older and new apps on chrome. Ripple emulator offers a good range of features and you don’t have to face the hassle of the setup. This emulator was being developed and designed for the mobile HTML5 application with a user-friendly interface.

7- Xamarin Testflight

The nest iOS emulator is Xamarin TesFlight. Xamarian Test flight is an Apple-owned emulator that offers you freedom of working with one of the most beautiful iOS apps on your Windows. This emulator is also being designed to test the different iOS apps on Windows. It also allows you to do all the functions seamlessly on Windows, and Mac. With a simple, interactive, and user-friendly interface this emulator enables you to work seamlessly on it also you can run on iOS devices 8.0 and higher, and users can be extended advanced support.

8- Electric Mobile Studio

The nest iOS emulator on our list is the Electric Mobile Studio. Electric Mobile Studio is used by the professionals for both iPad and iPhone app developments. The best emulator for Windows with the involvement of various advanced features and most used by the App developers during the testing process and app development. Electric Mobile Studio includes all of the iOS apps available in Apple’s App Store. So you can easily run other apps and games on your PC. But this emulator is very heavy, so you also need to have at least 6GB of space on your system to run this emulator.

Electric Mobile Studio comes up in two versions, premium and free. So you can choose one as per your requirements. The trial version of this emulator is available for just 7 days and then you need to buy it for $39.99. So if you are professional and looking for the best option with lots of features, you can try this one.

9- iMAME

Another name on our list is iMAME. iMAME emulator is specially developed to play iOS games on your computer. Hence this emulator is best for those who want to run iOS games on your computer. iMAME is a great platform for the developers for developing and testing their apps. If you want to enjoy old classic games smoothly, iMAME is the best option that you can trust upon because it includes a wide range of most popular arcade games that you can run on your Windows PC easily. Also with the low power consumption iMAME offers you the freedom of working on one of the most straight forward and best interfaces in the market.

10- is the most popular iOS emulator available for both Windows and Mac systems also specially designed for those individuals who look for ease. The interface of is very user-friendly which makes it very easy to use and setup. offers a free 7 day trial period so you can test it before upgrading to the premium version. It offers you a wide range of functions on it from testing applications to get your hands on exclusive IOS games. is compatible with Google Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox.

11- IDOS Emulator

The next name on our list is the iDOS Emulator. If you are a beginner, so I’d not suggest using this one because iDOS is not very eased to set up and use. And that’s why iDOS is the selection of the professionals. Also, the UI is a user-pleasant.ios emulator for windows. You can use this iDOS emulator for Windows PC at no cost. There aren’t many reviews available of this iDOS emulator on the internet and currently, the iDOS emulator is not getting an update on features.

12- Nintendo 3DS Emulator

Nintendo 3DS the emulator for game lovers. If you are a gamer or looking for an emulator to play cool and classic games, so we suggest your Nintendo 3DS. With the best reviews, this emulator is regarded as the greatest ever. Nintendo 3DS lets you enjoy 3D games on your Windows PC. It runs much efficiently and smoothly so you can easily enjoy 3D games. Also, it creates a virtual console on your PC so there is no chance of arising lagging issues. Nintendo 3DS Emulator is compatible with Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS.

13- REMOTED iOS Simulator

Remote iOS Simulator is developed by Xamarin. With much simpler to use and user-friendly interface features, you won’t be facing any issues. If you are not satisfied with the above emulators we suggest you check this one. Also, you can test most of the ios apps on your PC by using this one. Remote iOS also offers a debugging option with the help of Windows Visual Enterprise. With the rating of 4/5, this emulator is compatible with Windows.

14- iPad Simulator

Another best and free ios emulators to be used for Windows is the iPad Simulator. This simulator is an extension of the Google Chrome browser. Without paying anything you get many Apple features like Siri and many others. With a pleasant interface, the iPad simulator acts like a cloud OS as well as a simulator. So if you want a cloud ios emulator, then the iPad simulator is the best choice for you. With the rating of 4.5/5 iPad is compatible with Windows and Chrome.

15- YouWave

Another best iOS emulator is YouWave. YouWave is one of the best emulators that you can run many apps on your PC without any problems. YouWave is free of cost in the first hundred hours and after that, it will cost you around $0.05 per hour. So if you are looking for a smooth and efficient iOS emulator so we suggest this one.

Final Word:-

So Guys..!! These are the best 15 iOS emulators for Windows PC 2020. And you can select any one which fulfills your need and suitable for you.