8 Indian Beaches Of India Get “Blue Flag” Certification Tag By Foundation Of Environmental Education

India’s 8 beaches gets the recognition of the Blue Flag Certification by the Foundation Of Environmental Education. And one of the best thing about this is that the beaches get Blue flag beaches in their first attempt.

Also the India has won third prize under International Best Practices and for pollution control in coastal regions.

What is the “Blue Flag” certification beach?

The blue flag certifications are given to beaches, marina, or sustainable boating tourism operators which provide the best luxurious service to the tourist without damaging the beaches or marine ecology. This is one of the best ecological labels for any beach or marinas.

The certificate is given after the indication of high environmental and quality standards. If all the standard meets the Foundation Of Environmental Education guidelines the beach or marina gets the certifications.

If any beach or marina gets this Bule Flag then it can be used to increase tourism. Since there are so many beaches in a hundred thousand around the world but the label of blue flag beach is given to some thousand beaches only.

What are the criteria for this certification?

If any country wants his beaches to make blue flag certified then the beach or marine has to qualify for certain criteria. These criteria are environmental, educational, safety, and accessibility.

There is no hard and fast rule to apply for this certification. But in terms of tourism attraction, it is important certifications. This will make people come to this beach and enjoy their holidays.

Blue Flag Certification is given to a beach is if it passes 33 criteria which are under the four heads.

  • Environmental education and information mean all the information on the beach should be labeled properly.
  • Bathing water quality is an important factor, the water at the beach should be clear and safe. Also, there should be no industrial waste dumping in the ocean which can cause disease.
  • Environment Management and conservation means the environment around the beach. Proper greenery and conservation of the aquatic or marine life.
  • Safety and services on the beaches such as the parking facility should be there. A proper path for the people to walk around the beach.

blue flag certification

Who provides the Blue Flag Certification?

The certification is given by Denmark based non-profit organization known as the Foundation Of Environmental Education(FEE). In order to get this certificate, the country should be a member of the FEE.

The certification given to the beaches starts in 1985 when France beaches get the Blue Flag beach tag. Later on, more European countries get certifications in 1987. In 2001, this certification given to beaches outside Europe.

South Africa was the first country to get Blue Flag Beach Certification. After that Japan, South Korea, and UAE are the only Asian countries that get the tag of Blue Flag Beaches.

Now India is the fourth country in Asia who gets this certification. Most of the beaches who get the blue flag beach certification are from European countries.

50 countries are now a member of FEE and 4664 beaches are blue flag beaches according to the reports of FEE.

The highest number of blue flag beaches are in Spain with 590 beaches, 94 Marinas, and 5 Boats.

List Of the Indian Beaches Who gets “Blue Flag” Title

  1. Shivrajpur Beach
  • This beach is present at Gujarat and 12 km away from the Dwarka.
  • Known for its clear water and white sand

2. Ghoghla Beach

  • This beach is present as Union territory Daman & Diu, Dadar & Nagar Haveli.
  • Known for its splendid view.
  • Ghoghla is the Diu’s largest beach.

3. Kasarkod Beach

  • This beach present on the Konkan coast of Karnataka.
  • This beach is also known for ecofriendly picnic spots and white sand beach.

4. Padubidri Beach

  • This beach is located at Udupi, Karnataka.
  • Also develop as a model site and one of the cleanest beaches in Karnataka.

5. Kappad Beach

  • This beach is present at Kozhikode, Kerala.
  • It is often said that Vasco-de-gama first land at this beach.

6. RushiKonda Beach

  • This beach is 8km away from the vishakapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.
  • Famous for the golden sands. Also water sports activities are quite popular here.

7. Golden Beach

  • One of the famous beach in Odhisa. Also known for the famous sand artist Sudarshan Pattnaik who draws beautiful images on the sands.
  • The beach is also famous because of the famous temple Jagannath temple at the vicinity of the beach.

8. Radhanagar Beach

  • Swaraj Island (earlier known as Haveloc Island).
  • This island is present at the south Andaman and recognise as one of the best beaches in Aisa.

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