Cat Que Virus Another Chinese Virus Which Can Be A Pandemic, ICMR Warns Indians

Recently a new virus is spreading in china which is the “Cat Que virus“. Indian Council Of Medical Research(ICMR) said that this virus might spread and cause damage in India. Hence the ICMR warns the Indian government to take necessary action in advance to take precautionary measures. The potential of this virus is very less but precaution should be taken in advance since India is fighting with Coronavirus.

What is Cat Que Virus And How Dangerous It Is For Humans?

According to the latest study published in the Indian Journal of Medical Research. Scientists found out the presence of antibodies against this virus in two human serum samples. The research conducting in the two laboratories is the Maximum Containment Laboratory in Pune and the second one is the National Institute Of Virology. In this laboratory, the scientists were conducting the virus test on the human serum samples. That’s where the scientist found out the antibody against the Cat Que virus in the samples. According to scientists, this virus has the potential to spread across India.

Origin Of This Virus

The origin of this virus or the traces of this virus are found in the Mosquito and Pig. This virus is found out in the Culex Mosquito in China and Pigs in Vietnam. Cate Que Virus belongs to the Simbu serogroup which can affect both the humans and livestock species. This virus first found out in the 2004 arbovirus activity in northern Vietnam.

The domestic pig is the host of these viruses to spread. But according to the reports, the pigs have develops an antibody against the virus. The main problem is the mosquitoes which are the carrier of this virus and affect the other animal population with this virus. The only way to enter this virus into the human body is through the mosquito bite.

Cat Que Virus

There are over 3000 mosquitoes species but only a few of them feed on human blood and carry viruses. Culex mosquitoes are not different mosquito species but these are the common house mosquito. Not all the mosquito feeds on human blood there are some species including the Culex genus. These mosquitoes are capable of transmitting virus some of them is the West Nile Virus and Japanese encephalitis.

Serum Samples Taken For The Study Of Virus?

In order to study more about this virus, scientist collects 1020 human samples from different peoples in different states of India. The samples were taken from those who were showing acute illness between the years 2014-2017.

The serum samples that were taken from the peoples do not show Cat Que Virus signs in their blood. This means the people were negative when put to the real-time RT PCR test.

The Samples were collected from various states such as Karnataka(806), Gujarat(27), Maharastra(116), Kerala(51), Madhya Pradesh(20). The numbers denote the samples collected from the various states. The test performance on 883 human serum samples shows the result of which two samples show the positive presence of antibodies against the virus. These two samples were taken from the Karnataka between 2014 and 2017.

With the rise in the population of Culex mosquito in India the scientist performs a diagnostic calculation. Since the virus was affecting the china and Vietnam population. That’s why scientists perform the test where they found out that two people from Karnataka were infected by this virus. Also by seeing the antibody against the virus in their serum sample.

Also, the Cat Que Virus does not relate to any cat. The virus is spread by the Culex mosquito.

It is not clear that the virus is dangerous just like the COVID-19. Since there are different viruses relates to this same genus which can cause diseases like Meningitis. illness and other diseases. Hence precautionary measures must be taken in advance.

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