Cyberstalking On 10000 Famous Indian Personalities By Chinese IT Firms

Recently, Indian express performs an investigation on the Chinese IT company where they found out that the company is cyberstalking the people around the globe. The company is involving in Hybrid Warfare. Now the question arises what is hybrid warfare? What kind of data the companies collect and the concern regarding this. In this article, you will know about the cyberstalking and hybrid warfare and how it will affect the privacy of the people. The whole investigation conduct by the Indian Express.

How Indian Express Performs The Investigation Of Cyberstalking?

The Indian Express approaches one of the Chinese IT company Zhenhua Data Information Technology corporation. When the company comes to know about the investigation they pull down their website. The company is situated in Guangdong province. The company starts in 2018 and around 50 employees work in this company. Outside the china, it has 20 data processing centres all over the world. An estimate of 150 million of data is processed on the daily basis.

What Does Zhenhua Data Information Technology corporation Do?

Basically, it targets some of the institutions and individuals such as the government institution, business, technology, media, politics etc. After calculating this number it is 2.5 million peoples. This means that the company is keeping an eye on such a large group of people. so this is the cyberstalking.

Also the information from the news¬†source, forums, papers, patents, bidding documents and even recruitment position of a country. All the information stores in a library. Even the company openly says that they share data with the Chinese government. Not only with the government but also with the Chinese intelligence, Military as well as security agencies. The contract between the government and Chinese IT firm done in that way. That’s they have to share the data.

Hybrid Warfare
Hybrid Warfare

What Does Company Do With The Data?

Now the question arises that what does the company do with such a huge amount of data. Basically the company collect all the data from the individual or institution and make a relational database from it. The sources of the data are the news, forums which they connect the source from the individual or institutions. By collecting this large amount of data and making a relational database out of it. With this database starts the threat intelligence service. Also known as Hybrid Warfare.

Here the question arises what is Hybrid Warfare? If we talk about Hybrid Warfare then it is an unconventional way of fighting. This term is most widely used because every country is involved in hybrid warfare. Basically in conventional warfare both the country fights head-on with their military and the firepower. But with the advancement of technology cyberstalking is getting popular these days.

Hybrid warfare includes economic manipulation, disinformation, diplomatic pressure and another way to produce discomfort inside a country.

Is India Under The Hybrid Warfare?

The answer is Yes India is under Hybrid warfare. Many of the influential peoples are under the watch of the Zhenhua IT company. The number of these peoples are around 10000. The company is watching the president, prime minister, opposition leaders and other important personalities. The list is quite large. The company is tracking the number of influential peoples such as:

  • Firstly, 700 politicians with 460 individuals which are directly related to these politicians.
  • Secondly, the company is trying to make a family tree of 100 politicians.
  • Thirdly, the parliamentarians and hose committee members which contain the list of the 350 members.
  • Chief of defence general Bipin Rawat along with 14 other retired officers of the same grade from the three forces.
  • Also the scientists from the Atomic Energy Commission and Indian Space Research Organisation.
  • More than 250 bureaucrats and diplomats such as Amitabh Kant CEO of Niti Aayog. Foreign secretary Harshvardhan Shringla and 23 other former secretaries. Also, the chief Police Of States is under the surveillance of this company.
  • The Media personnel is also under the surveillance some of them are the Hindu Group Chairman N Ravi. Sudhir Chaudary the editor in chief of Zee News and other important media personnel.
  • The sports individuals, religious and cultural leaders are under the track of this company. It is a very big game as well as cyberstalking.

According to the IT acts in India the company does not seem to be violating any laws. Since the company is using the information which is publically available to everyone. For example, social media handles, articles etc. which is not breaching any laws in India.

Why Should India Concern About These Cyberstalking?

Collecting the data is not a problem the main concern is for what things the data can be used. According to the data, cybersecurity and tech expert says on this matter. The collection of small data may not look like harmful but the collection of these data over a similar time period may lead to hybrid warfare and cyberstalking. Every intelligence of a country is using it in either way but the china with the data science takes up it to a whole new level. This is a major concern which needs to be monitor.

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