Common Eligibility Test (CET) One Exam For All Central Government Jobs

Government Of India approves National Recruitment Agency to conduct Common Eligibility Test for filling the central government position. Just like National Testing Agency which exams so that student can pursue higher education. In a similar way, the National Recruitment Agency is a single body which will conduct exams different central government positions such as IBPS, RRB Railways and SSC. Let’s get to the ground report and see how it will beneficial for the students.

What is Common Eligibility Test?

The union cabinet meeting was held by Prime Minister Narendra Modi where all the ministers decide to set up a National Recruitment Agency. The main function of this Agency to conduct the Preliminary examinations for various recruitment in government exams. This agency will conduct an examination for the post of central government only not for the state government posts. Common Eligibility Test means there will be one exam for all the central government jobs. Through this score, an aspirant can apply for different jobs like IBPS, RRB and SSC. There will be transparency in the exam as well as the results.

What Is The Need Of The NRA?

There is definitely a need for the National Recruitment Agency because of the following reasons.

  • Firstly, According to the C Chandramouli, Secretary Department of Personnel and Training said: “the aspirants need to take different exams such as IBPS, RRB and SSC which is conducted by the different agencies for various central government jobs“.
  • According to the statistics and data every year 1.25 lakh recruitments are done from the central government side. For 1.25 lakh seats around 2.5 to 3 crore of aspirants fights to take a job in central government.
  • When the setup will be complete them NRA will start conducting CET. Aspirants can apply for different jobs on the basis of the marks obtained in CET.
  • An amount of 1517 crores is a sanction by the union cabinet ministers to set up NRA in all the districts in the time period of 3 years.

Will NRA Conduct The Exam For All Government Vacancies?

The answer is NO the NRA will not conduct exams for all the central government jobs. It will conduct exams for selected government jobs only. These are the Staff Selection Commission (SSC), Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) and Institute Of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS). These are the three exams which the NRA will conduct. Later on, other exams may include in this process. The main focus is organising the CET exams for Group “B” and Group “C” non-technical vacancies. Also, the heads of all three (IBPS, RRB and SSC) departments will be under the NRA.

The tests will conduct in three phases. The difficulty of the exam will be according to their levels. Also, the exam will be conducted once in a year in three levels as shown below.

  • Firstly, for the aspirants who have completed their graduation from a recognised university.
  • Secondly, for the Senior Secondary students who have completed their schooling.
  • Thirdly, for high school students.

However, all three bodies will remain as it is. The reason is to separate large sum of aspirants i.e. to get creamy layer and these three bodies can conduct further exams on their own accord. After that, they can conduct their own Mains exams in order to get a more creamy layer. But the three bodies will remain there since all you having the question in mind that three bodies will dissolve into one which is NRA. This will not happen at all.

How And Where The Common Eligibility Test Will Be Conducted?

Basically, the mode of the examination will be online. The main focus is to set up examination centres in all districts all over India. Also providing the best infrastructure in the 117 aspirationals districts and internet connectivity so that the aspirants will not face any technical issue during the exams.

Also, it will benefit poor students since they are financially weak and unable to fill all the government exams form. Sometimes the centre is not around the home in order to give the exam they have to reach the exam centre no matter how. During this period the aspirants spend a lot of money on travelling, food and lodging. This creates a burden on poor aspirants pocket. That’s why the government are opening the NRA centres all over India so that it will lessen the excessive burden.

Medium In Which CET Will Be Conducted?

According to the Minister of  Department Of Personnel And Training Mr Jitendra Singh, the exams will be conducted in multiple languages. The examination conducts in more than 12 languages.

How Long The Score Card Of Common Entrance Test Is Validated?

If a candidate gives a Common Eligibility Test his/her scorecard will be validated for three years from the result of the exam. Also, there is no boundation the aspirants can fill-up the form every year if he/she wants to improve their performance. The best results will be considered among all the three exams. So that he/she can try harder and score better marks to get a good government job.

Number Of Attempts For The Exams?

There are no restrictions in the number of attempts but ensure that the age criteria fulfil for the particular government positions. The age relaxation will be given to the aspirants who come from backgrounds such as  SC/ST?OBC and other categories as per the policy of the government.

Will It Fasten The Recruitment Process?

Yes, definitely it will fasten the recruitment process. Everybody knows how much time taking in the recruitment process generally it takes a year to get a joining in the Central Government jobs such as Railways and SSC. Sometimes the exams delays and sometimes there is a large gap between the tier 1 and tier 2 exams. This will reduce the time to some extent so that recruitment becomes fast and easy.

Even some departments of government are considering the recruitment on this basis of Preliminary examinations, physical and Medical tests. They have no intention of taking the mains exams which will benefit the aspirants.

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