Coronavirus Mutation: New Strain D614G Of COVID-19 Found In Malaysia

Recently, a newer type of COVID-19 virus was found inside the people who are coming from India and the Philippines. According to the Malaysian health ministry, the coronavirus undergoes the mutation. The name of this new mutated coronavirus is D614G. Let us know more about this virus and its effect on the human body.

What is D614G Coronavirus Mutation?

Basically, the D614G is the new kind of coronavirus which is made by the mutation of the older one. This virus is 10 times stronger than the normal COVID-19 in terms of infecting the other person. The first traces of this virus found in the U.S. and Europe but now the South Asian Countries are getting the case about the trace of new COVID-19 virus. The Malaysian Institute of Medical Research found out D614G type mutation from the infected patients. Three cases are from Sivagangga cluster and others are from Ulu Tiram Cluster. From the Sivagangga cluster, there were 45 cases out of which 3 people contains this D614G.

Mutation of Coronavirus

How D614G Virus Enters Malaysia?

The story behind this is a man from India who is a restaurant owner in Malaysia. The place from where he belongs is Sivagangga which is in Tamil Nadu. By reaching Malaysia on 13th July he was in the home quarantine as per the order of Malaysian authorities for 14 days but he did not follow the order. He started meeting people and breaching the quarantine rules. Now the person is in prison for five months and also he pays the heavy fine for breaking the quarantine rules.

Another case of this mutation virus detects in the people coming from the Philippines. One case of this D614G virus found in the people coming from Ulu Tiram. That’s why the Malaysian government name it as Sivagangga cluster and Ulu Tiram cluster.

What does Malaysian Health Director-General Say On This Matter?

The Health Director-General of Malaysia Dr, Noor Hisham Abdullah said: “Community needs to be more careful about this new mutated COVID-19 virus which is 10 times deadlier and it is easy to spread”. However, the two clusters are under control as a result of swift public health control action. According to the health director-general, the vaccine which all the countries are making may be ineffective against the new strain. But the World Health Organization says that there is no proof that the strain may cause more severe disease. A paper published in the cell press says that it may affect the efficiency of vaccine which are under developing.

How Coronavirus Mutation Takes Place?

Coronavirus has their genetic material which is similar to the RNA (Ribonucleic Acid). RNA and DNA both are similar to some extent. So when a virus comes inside the body of the living being it starts to make a copy of his own. While copying itself it there occurs a mistake and changes in the RNA takes place scientists call it as mutation. These changes happen and it’s normal. But if the new virus is infecting the people easily and it spread then it is known as the Super Spreader. 

Why The Name Is Given D614G?

There is always a logic behind the naming any viruses. It is because the mutation changes the position of Amino Acid at 614 and from D(Aspartic acid) to G(Glycine). Hence D614G. It is one of the deadliest mutations of coronavirus. The most affected countries with this new deadly mutated virus are Europe and the U.S. Hence the Indian government need to make sure that closely monitoring should be done and thoroughly check the people coming from these two countries.

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