Coronavirus: Scientist Categorize Spreading Of Virus In Three Phases

Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic has made disaster all over the world. Due to the unavailability of vaccines the virus is spreading in disastrous ways. Around the world, millions of people are suffering and thousands of people are dead. The virus is spreading like a plague and the World Health Organization and other countries are trying to make a vaccine on time. In India, the current scenario of coronavirus is more than three lakh people are positive. Around 187.000 people recover from this disease and the number of people who are dead is 11,903. The source of this virus is still unknown. In some of the countries, the testing of antidote is taking place on humans. Scientists found the three phases in which corona affects human health. If a person is seeing these symptoms then go to the hospital immediately and go for corona tests.

Coronavirus Phases in Humans

Basically, there are three phases according to the scientist including the University of Florence in Italy. The scientist observes people who were affected by the virus and came to a conclusion from their behavior. Each of these phases shows a variable degree of symptoms in humans who takes the corona test and get result positive. In each phase, the virus show different biological interactions so let know about the three phases.

Phase 1

In the early phase of infection, mild symptoms were shown by the person who is infected with the virus. The symptoms are shown by the person is the hike in body temperature and cold. The person thinks it is a flu or viral fever but it may be a corona positive person. It might be true or false no one knows. So if any person is having this symptom then it is advisable to go to a doctor. Go for the test to make sure that it is not a Coronavirus symptom.

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Phase 2  

According to scientists, phase two is the attack on the pulmonary or respiratory system. In phase two the corona positive person affects the respiratory system due to which a person may feel persistent cough, shortness of breath, and low oxygen levels. The person who is suffering from a respiratory disease needs to be more careful. Also, the blood clotting will be slow which is very dangerous for a person if he/she gets a cut in any part of the body.

Phase 3

If a person reaches the third stage then it is impossible for the person to get healthy if he/she is affected by some chronic disease. Phase 3 may injure the heart, kidneys, and other organs of a corona positive person.

Cure of COVID-19

There is no cure to treat this virus it all depends on your immune system. If the immune system is strong then no virus can affect your body. All the countries including the WHO is working on the antidote of this virus. Let’s see how much time it will take to make an antidote for this virus.