Demon Anime 2020: Top 5 Best Demon Slayer Anime Of 2020

Supernatural, Demons and Horror genres are very popular among the anime lovers. Overpowered demon king which has the ability to destroy the whole world with the click of his fingers. Demonslayers with an excellent sword skill or a magician with ultimate magic on his sleeves. There are tons of demon anime series releases in past years. But did you know that this year 2020 there are some awesome horror supernatural anime releases? However, in this article, you will know about the top 5 demon anime series releasing in 2020. Some of the series have been released and some are ongoing.

1.  The Misfit Of Demon King Academy

The plot of this anime revolves around a ruthless demon king of tyranny Anos Voldigoard. 2000 years ago he sacrifice his life for the peace of humanity and demons. The hero Kanon killed him and by the demon king death news spread like fire. Also, after his death, he creates the barrier or wall so that there will be no fight between humans and demons. After 2000 years he is reincarnated and attending the demon king academy with their descendants. There are two categories in demon society on his Royal and others are hybrid. The Royals have greater power in comparison to hybrids. Also, the Royals see the hybrids as a low creature. Now, through his powers, he wants to show the demon king is reincarnated.


The plot of this story is awesome and a lot of action can be seen in this anime. The air date of this anime is 4th July 2020. Now the category or genre of this demon anime series is supernatural, demons and school. The rating given to this anime is  7.40 given by the users who have seen this anime. Currently, the anime series is going on.

2.  Kyokou Suiri (In/Spectre)

Kuro Sakuragawa a university student who has a great regeneration power after eating a Yokai flesh. Currently, he is very sad about his breakup and coincidently his first encounter with Kotoko Iwanaga. She confesses her love and told him that she met him two years ago. It was love at first sight. She introduces her as a “goddess of wisdom“. Further, she told about herself that she maintains the balance between the human world and the demon world. At first, Kuro thinks that she is lying but when he saw fighting her at the libraries with the Yokai(Demons) all the picture becomes clearer to him. Both of them reveal their true identities. Basically Kuro himself is a monster but he was a human before a monster. He gains immortality and precognition power after eating the two Yokai flesh.

Kotoko Iwanaga invites Kuro to join him and fight alongside with her to protect the humanities from Yokai attack. The anime is the manga adaptation of Kyokou Suiri. The original run date of this anime series from January 11, 2020 – March 28, 2020. There are 12 episodes in this anime series. Also, this is the best demon anime series releases in 2020.

3.  Muhyo & Roji’s Bureau of Supernatural Investigation Season 2

Muhyo and Roji’s both are the supernatural investigator. Roji’s is the secretary of the Muhyo who is an elite executer. The spirits and demons which are wandering around all over the places and annoys them. Call the Bureau Of Supernatural Investigation to subdue these demons. The demons and the spirits are punished on the basis of there crime committed and send them to heaven and hell. After passing from the Magical Law School Muhyo became the youngest supernatural investigator. Also, every child and even executer sees him as an idle. Enchu and Muhyo both studies at the Magical Law School but Enchu became jealous of Muhyo when got executer title. Enchu fills with darkness and hatred towards Muhyo.

He joins hand with the dark forces and creating supernatural activities. His main motive is to see the Muhyo dead. Hence Muhyo and Roji are fighting with demon wandering around the cities. The first season contains 12 episodes series and the second season is ongoing. The air date of the second season from 7 July 2020.

4.  Kimetsu No Yaiba: Mugen Train

The first season was a great hit with millions of digital and paperback was sold. Breaking all the records leaving behind the popular anime series one piece. With the success of the first season and the second of the anime series is going to be released on October 2020. This time it will be an anime movie. The story continues after fighting with one of the upper demon moons Tanjiro and his friends were gravely injured. They were brought to the butterfly mansion where rehabilitation of Tanjiro and his friends takes place. After the complete recovery, the next assignment is to find the reason behind people missing on Mugen Train.


Tanjiro and Nezuko along with Innoske and Zenitsu board the train to find the reason behind it. In the train, they meet the flame pillar hashira Kyojuro Rengoku. All of them have the same reason to kill the demon behind it. This is one of the best demon anime series.

5.  Jujutsu Kaisen

The air date of this anime is October 2020. The plot of this anime series is about a world where demon feed upon the humans. The famous legendary demons Ryoumen Sukuna were lost and his body scatters into pieces. If any demons consume his part then he gets the power to destroy the whole world. In order to protect humanity, there is a mysterious school where Jujutsu sorcerers are there. Also, their main purpose is to fight the demons.


Yuuji Itadori a teenager who is a high school student living with his grandfather. With immense physical strength, everyone wants to join him in their sports club. But he likes to hang with the occult club. One day club manager get hands-on some curse item but what will happen when they break the seal.

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