Explosion In Beirut 100 People Dead And 4000 People Injured

Recently, an explosion takes place in Beirut capital of Lebanon which cause severe damage in its periphery. According to the report, 100 people are dead due to this deadly explosion the death toll may increase. 4000 people were severely injured after the explosion. Estimated damage to the property is around 2-3 billion dollars and 250000-30000 people are homeless after the massacre. Let’s get to the ground report and know the reasons of explosion whether it is a terrorist attack or the negligence of the Lebanon government.

Lebanon is a country in Western Asia with a population of 6.8 million. 54% of people in the country follow the Islamic religion and  40% of citizens follow Christianity. It shares boundaries with Syria and Israel. The country is also known as the Republic of Lebanon. Lebanon is the member of the organisation of Islamic Corporation(OIC) and also a member of the United Nations.

What is the root cause of the explosion in Beirut?

The explosion is caused due to the Ammonium Nitrate. This Ammonium Nitrate stored at the “Beirut Port Silos“. The impact of the blast feels 15km away from the explosion site. It was such a huge impact that it can see with naked eye form very long distance. The impact was so disastrous that it creates a big hole at the blast site. Around 2750 tonnes of Ammonium nitrate stored at the warehouse.

Image Before The Blast

Image After The Blast

How Lebanon get this much amount of Ammonium Nitrate?

In September 2013, a ship with 2750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate sails from Georgia to Mozambique. But due to some technical fault in the ship, it docks at the Beirut port. On doing inspection of the ship it was found out that the ship contains Ammonium nitrate which is explosive material. The Lebanese government detain the ship. The company which owns the ship draw out his hands in taking the ownership of the ship. The ammonium nitrate unloads at the warehouse near the docks. The plan of the government was to resell the ammonium nitrate however the government do not show any interest in reselling. The government authorities know that storing this much of ammonium nitrate is a threat for citizens. Here a question arises whether the explosion is due to negligence or a terrorist attack.

How Ammonium Nitrate Is Deadlier?

The ammonium nitrate is used as a fertilizer and it is not an explosive. But it can become explosive if it is combined with the primary explosives such as the azides or with fuel such as the aluminium powder or fuel oil. This is still a mystery that how such primary explosives come into the warehouse where the ammonium nitrate stored.

What did US president say on this matter?

The US President Donald Trump said to the media personals “We are with the Lebanese Government and it is a disastrous incident but this explosion is not due to the negligence of the authorities it is a well-planned event and talking with my generals they said it is an attack “. From this event, Israel comes under the eye but they deny with any involvement with the explosion. But there is a theory that Israel has done it to suppress Hezbollah a militant group.

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