Fortune Global 500 List: Reliance Industries Ranked At 96th Position

Recently, Fortune global media releases the Fortune Global 500 List in which Reliance Industries secures the 96th position. The Reliance industries become one of the first Indian company which is under top 100 companies after so many years. Let us know how reliance industries pull off this great achievement.

What is Fortune Global 500 List?

Fortune is a global media organization whose main motive is to motivate young entrepreneurs by storytelling. The magazine contains the interview of the big business tycoons and the success stories. How they set up their business from nothing to a billion-dollar or trillion-dollar company. The founder of fortune magazine was Henry Robinson Luce. According to him, this magazine is only for the wealthy and influential peoples. By reading this magazine rich business person feels a sense of richness. Also, this magazine should motivate entrepreneurs if they are running their own business. The fortune magazine brings out the list every year known as Fortune Global 500 List or just Global 500.

Fortune 500

The Fortune magazine choose top 500 companies from all over the world. The ranking system in the fortune magazine is on the basis of the revenue generation. More the revenue generates by the company higher will it’s ranking. The revenue up to March 31, 2020, is taken into consideration in order to provide the ranking.

Here is the list of top ten companies on this list:

  1. Walmart
  2. Sinopec Group
  3. State Grid
  4. China National Petroleum
  5. Royal Dutch Shell
  6. Saudi Aramco
  7. Volkswagen
  8. British Petroleum
  10. Toyota Motors

And the most profit base company is the Saudi Aramco. The estimated value of the revenue generated by the Global 500 companies is around 33.3 Trillion dollars with a net profit of 2.1 Trillion dollars. Also, there are 69.9 Million people working in these 500 companies which are from 32 different countries.

How Reliance Industries Secures 96th Rank In Fortune Global 500 List?

The Reliance Industries position improves from 10th place from the last fiscal year. It is the first company in India to reach the Top 100 position in this list. Also the highest rank among all the Indian companies. In 2012 the Reliance Industries was at the 99th Position in the list. But in 2016 the rank drops down to 215th position. After 2016 the rank is increasing gradually and now it is at 96th position in 2020. The Reliance Industries is in the top Global 500 list for the seventeen years.

Position Of Other Indian Companies

  • The Indian Oil Corporation is at 151st position in 2020 rankings. The rank decreases up to 34 positions in 2020 rankings.
  • Oil And Natural Gas ranks at 190th position in 2020. The company slips 30 positions down in 2020.
  • State Bank Of India which is India’s largest bank ranks at 221st position has risen up 24 positions this year.
  • Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited ranks at 309th position.
  • Tata Motors at 337 and Rajesh Exports at 462 position.

Revenue Generation By These Companies

  • Reliance Industries revenue generation is around 86.2 Billion dollars.
  • IOC revenue generation is 69.2 Billion dollars.
  • ONGC revenue generation is around 57 Billion dollars.
  • SBI revenue generation is 51 Billion dollars.

The interesting fact is that this time there 38 women CEO in this list who are the part of the top 500 companies. This shows that women empowerment that they can progress in any fields. So these are the details about this year top 500 companies.

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