Free Fire Emulator: Best Emulator To Play Free Fire Game On PC

There are many battle royal games in the market but their size is very large. For those who are playing the battle royal game on their low-end devices, their game lags so much. If you heard about the battle royal games like PUBG, Call of Duty, Rules Of Survival whose size is approx 2GB. These games are not made for low-end devices and even you can’t enjoy your own gameplay. But if you have a PC then you can install the free fire emulator which helps you in enjoying the best graphics of the game. In this article, you will know how to play free fire on pc with the help of an emulator.

About Free Fire Emulator

Basically, the game is made for the android as well as ios devices. For more entertainment purposes and enhance graphic quality people started to play games on PC. As it is easy to play with the help of a keyboard and mouse and a big screen in comparison to smartphones. One of the most famous emulators is the Tencent Gaming Buddy Free Fire emulator. In this emulator, you can play all the mobile games available on the store on the PC. Also, you can download and play popular games such as the PUBG, Call Of Duty on your PC. If you want to play free fire on PC then you should have a free fire apk to run on pc.

Now let’s talk about the free fire game. This is a battle royal game in which you have to survive and kill your opponent until the end. In the end, you will get the title “BOOYAH!” which means you are the winner. This online multiplayer game comes under the category of survival and shooting games. In this game, there are 49 players who are humans, not bots lands with the parachute on the remote island and fight for their survival. The game time is about 10 minutes for a particular game. There are different vehicles in the game that you can drive also there are different terrains on the map. This terrain allows you to hide from the enemy. Also free fire diamond allows you to purchase anything from the shop.

Features of the Game

There are many features in the game which you like the most while playing the game.

  • Squad Gameplay: In this game, there are three modes whether you want to play solo, duo or squad means up to 4 players will be there on the same team. It’s your call what you want to play.
  • Voice Chat: The in-game voice chat feature allow you to chat with your friends when you are playing duo and squad. This will help in telling the location of the enemy easily through voice chat.
  • Epic Survival Game: Out of all the other battle royal game free fire is the best because it is fast and lite. A 10-minute game that gives you full of adrenaline rush game. 50 players can play at the same time in this game.
  •  Stay away from the zone: In this game, you will see the zones becoming shorter and shorter. If you are outside the zone then your health starts to deplete. So it is recommended to stay inside the zone.
  •  Realistic and smooth graphics: The graphics and environment around you seem to be more realistic. You can drive vehicles in the game, loot the airdrops, adapt your player with the environment.
  • Free Fire Diamond: Unlike the UC purchase in PUBG this game has diamonds through which you can buy gun skins, outfits, passes, and others in the shop.

Free Fire New Update

Recently, the free fire-new update has come and with this update, new things are added in the game which you should know about it.

  • New weapon M82B is added in the game.
  • A new character Wolfrahh introduces in the game.
  • Improvement and optimization have done in the Guild system.
  • Purgatory is now available in the classic mode.
  • Emote slot increases from 6 to 8 in the game.
  • In VSS and Kar98 you will able to see the advance attachments.
  • Some changes are done in the stats of the following weapons: SKS, SVD, M14, and M1887.
  • In this update, players can equip the skills from the other characters.
  • Clash Squad season 1 starts at 06/04/2020.
  • Info Box will now share the safe zone location with your teammates.

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How to play Free Fire on pc?

If you want to play free fire on pc then you need to have to download the emulator on your device. Tencent Gaming Buddy Free Fire emulator is one of the best emulators to play video games. In this emulator, you can easily find the game and download it from the store. So you can download the free fire apk easily without any problem. one more thing the Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator name has changed to Gameloop. Here you can get the Tencent Gaming Buddy emulator easily with the following steps:

  • Firstly, you need to download the Gameloop from any web browser on your PC.
  • Secondly, Install the Gameloop application on your PC and go to the game store from where you download the Free Fire Game.
  • Thirdly, download the game from the store and there you go your game is ready to be played on your PC.


In the end, if you want to play free fire on your pc then the necessary thing is that you should have Tencent Gaming Buddy Free Fire Emulator. Just download the emulator and enjoy the game on your pc. If you find difficulty in downloading or regarding the installation procedure just comment down below. It would be a pleasure to help you out.