Gakuen Babysitters: First Season Will Be Aired On Muse Vietnam Channel

Recently, Muse Vietnam announces the release of Gakuen Babysitters first season on their Channel. The anime is an adaptation of Hari Tokeino’s Gakuen Babysitters Manga. The first episode of this anime will air on 9th September 2020 i.e. today on Muse Vietnam YouTube channel. Also, the timing of the anime of the first episode release is at 7.00 PM(GMT+7). After that, the episode will upload on a daily basis after the release of the first episode. The source of this information is the Muse Vietnam Facebook page where they upload the post regarding the anime release.

About Gakuen Babysitters Anime

The genre of this anime is Shojo manga(Shojo relates to the teenagers). The plot of this anime revolves around two brothers Kotaro and Ryuichi Kashima. Ryuichi is a teenager who just took admission to high school. Kotaro Kashima is a cute young brother of Ryuichi who is a preschooler. Kotaro and Ryuichi parents are dead in the plane crash accident. Both of the brothers are now orphan. That where his school chairperson took both the brothers with him. The same faith occurs with chairperson son and daughter who also died in the same accident.

Gakuen Babysitters

The chairperson allows living at her place for one condition that Ryuichi will do the babysitting at baby daycare at their school. This was the dream of his son and daughter in law to open baby daycare in school. Chairperson wants to pursue their dreams ahead. Ryuichi agrees to this as his brother Kotaro will get news friends to play and he will be safe there. Ryuichi also makes god friends at school due to his good nature that’s where his new chapter of life starts.

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Characters In the Anime

Here is the list of the characters in the Gakuen Babysitters anime series.

  • Students 
  1. Ryuichi Kushina (Kotaro big brother)
  2. Hayato Kamitani (Ryuichi classmate and also big brother Taka)
  3. Maria Inomata (special student of Academy classes)
  4. Tomoya Yagi (second-year student)
  5. Chukichi Nezu (Ryuichi classmate)
  6. Yuki Ushimaru (Ryuichi classmate and a crush on him)
  7. Hiroyuki Inui (who has a crush on his teacher Yukari Sawatori)
  • Children’s 
  1. Kotaro Kashima (Ryuichi brother also a preschooler)
  2. Taka Kamitani (Hayato Kamitani also a preschooler)
  3. Takuma Mamizuka (twin brothers)
  4. Kazuma Mamizuka (twin brothers)
  5. Kirin Kumatsuka (oldest preschooler at daycare)
  6. Midori Sawatori (Youngest preschooler at daycare)
  7. Tsugumi
  • Parents/Guardians
  1. Yoko Morinomiya (chairperson of school also Ryuichi and his brother guardian)
  2. Keigo Saikawa (Chairperson Buttler as well as an attendant)
  3. Yoshihito Usaida (caretaker at daycare)
  4. Yayoi Kumatsuka (Drama teacher and also Kirin mother)
  5. Satoru Kumatsuka (Kirin’s father as well as a freelance photographer)
  6. Yukari Sawatori (School secretary as well as Midoriya mother)
  7. Yutaka Sawatori (Yukari’s husband and also an archaeologist)
  8. Umi Mamizuka (Kazuma and Takuma’s mother as well as P.E. teacher in the school)
  9. Kousuke Mamizuka (Kazuma and Takuma’s and a great actor)
  10. Shizuka Kamitani (Science teacher and also Hayato and Taka’s mother)
  11. Taizou Hebihara (Chemistry teacher and Hayato and Taka’s father as well as Shizuka Kamitani Ex-husband)

Hence these are the characters in this anime series. One of the best anime series recommends anime lovers to watch this series. Also, the second season of this anime series is coming but the release date is not out.

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