Google Drive Can Be Used To Inject Malicious Software Into Your Devices

Recently a major flaw has been noticed in the Google Drive. Hackers can easily attack the user computer and steal personal data or anything from the user computer. They trick the user and made them download malicious software or malware which later on affect your computer. This bug problem is already shared with google. There is no response from their side about fixing of this bug or not. Let us know how these hackers stole the information via google drive.

Google Drive “Managed Version ” Problem

The news comes viral when a system administrator A Nikoci told this information to The Hacker News. He said, “The Managed Version of Google Drive allows you upload a new version of the file if it is already present at the drive”. This means that the file which is already uploaded in the drive one can upload the same file which may be a Malware since the drive does not check back whether it already present in the drive.

He also said the hackers are using the document or images files to inject the malware into the devices. One of the main reason is that Google does not check the file type or extensions. It proceeds to uploads the file with the same extension which may be malicious software. When any user downloads the file and opens it then the malware spreads on the device.

Google Drive Bug

How Hackers Pull This Off?

Basically, the hackers made a shareable link and post it on the social media platforms. This malicious software is in the form of an image or a document. When anyone downloads these on their devices then the malware comes along it. The Hackers can steal your information or it may spy on you what are you doing on daily purposes. And it is possible they may take secret information from your device and sell it to the third party. The google chrome is unable to detect while downloading this malware from the drive.

What Are The Actions Taken By Google?

Google has done nothing on this serious matter where user privacy is at risk. There is no information from the google side as the company is silence on this matter. Maybe the company is working on fixing the bugs. They want to make a public announcement after fixing this Google Drive bug. That’s why the company is silent and not giving any comments in this situation. Let us hope the bug will fix as soon as possible.

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