Great Andamanese Tribe People Covid-19 Tests, 10 Members Test Positive

Coronavirus is now spreading its wings into the small islands like Andaman and Nicobar islands and tribe people living in there. Recently, 10 members of the Great Andamanese tribe were tested positive for Covid-19 according to the officials. The number of people living in this tribe is around 50.

The 10 members who were corona positive ve put in isolation and home quarantine. Six members of the tribe are fully recovered and the treatment of the other 4 members is going on at the local hospital.

Also, the government are taking care of the tribe by providing them with food and shelter. Great Andamanese Tribe lives on the tiny strait islands. Only 50 members are left in this tribe and 10 members are corona positive. The preventive measure took by the government not to spread the virus further to any members of the tribe.

Also, these tribes are most vulnerable to viruses as they isolate from the outside world. The pandemic such as coronavirus can affect the tribes to a great extent. In order to prevent it from spreading from one tribe to another, the Andaman authorities take action on this matter.

How This Virus Spread Into Great Andamanese Tribe?

Basically, the members of the tribe have government jobs so they travel from Strait island to Port Blair to do their jobs. The authorities send health officials to the strait island for COVID-19 test. After testing is done six members were positive in the archipelago recently.

Tribes Of Andaman

Coronavirus cases in Andaman And Nicobar islands

The first case of coronavirus comes in June 2020 with 2985 COVID-19 cases and  41 deaths due to virus. The population of Andaman and Nicobar islands is around 4,00,000. Most of the people who were corona positive are the Non-tribal people. There were 10 islands on which COVID-19 cases were seen. The infrastructure for fighting COVID-19 in Andaman are there are 2 hospitals, 3 health centres and 10 care centres for peoples.

Tribes currently Residing In Andaman

  • The Andaman Islands are the home of four “Negrito Tribes“. According to its origin, these tribes are from Africa who came to this island 60,000 years ago.

The Great Andamanese whose population is around 53.

Onge tribe and their population are around 100.

Jarawa tribe whose population is around 270.

Sentinelese and their population are around 50-200.

  • On the Nicobar islands, there are 2 “Mongoloid Tribes“. The tribes came from Malay-Burma coast several thousand years ago.

Shompen and their population are around 380.

Nicobarese and the population of this tribe are 30,000.

The government strictly prohibit hunting and catching fish in these regions. Because they may spread the viruses to these tribal people which is dangerous. Recently 8 fishermen were arrest by the police catching fish illegally in the tribal region.  This is a great concern for the tribal people.

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