Harley Davidson Motor Patent Self Balancing Motorcycle Technology

Harley Davidson Motor one of the biggest bike brands in the world. The bike made by this company is known for its powerful engine, sleek design, and comfort. The company makes all kinds of bike such as sportbike, standard, cruiser, off-road, Touring, and other models.

Harley Davidson Patent Self Balancing Motorcycle

Recently, Harley Davidson Motor patent the self-balancing gyroscope technology for its next-generation bikes. The concept of self-balancing seems to be a futuristic and very new concept. Unlike self-driving cars patent by the US company Lyft. Many motor companies like Honda are also working on the self-balancing bike demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Concept Behind the Self Balancing Gyroscope 

Basically, the gyroscope is a device that is used for maintaining the orientation. In Harley Davidson, bike the gyroscope will be present in the luggage box. The luggage box will mount on the rear end of the bike. The gyroscope consists of the heavy flywheel rotating at 10000 to 20000 revolution per minute. There is a compass that will help in maintaining the balance of the bike. When the rider is at a certain speed limit then there is no need for the gyroscope. But when the driver is at 5 miles per hour than the self-balancing mode will turn on and it will start balancing the bike. All the balancing will be monitor by the computer as well as it will show the information on the driver display.

Patents By Harley Davidson Motor Company Group

  • Vehicle Storage Compartment
  • Multiple pivot shaft assembly
  • Multi-position footboard
  • Cylinder head cooling system for a motorcycle.
  • Rear fender assembly
  • Three-wheeled vehicle
  • Torque dampening compensator for a vehicle
  • Performance exhaust system
  • Reverse drive control for a motorcycle
  • Integrated ignition and key switch
  • Rock Mounted storage case for a motorcycle
  • Reverse drive assembly for a motorcycle
  • Luggage rack and passenger seat for a motorcycle

These are the patents that are already taken by the company as well as the new patent which is the self-balancing gyroscope is adds to the company list.