5 Ways To Deactivate Whatsapp Without Deleting From Your Device

Whatsapp has one of the largest user bases with billions of active users. There are billions of messages, pictures, and videos send and receive on daily basis. In this article, you will know how to deactivate Whatsapp without uninstalling it.

With the improvement in technology, our lives have become monotonous and sometimes you feel to take a break from all the social media platforms.

Since it affects our brain and decreases the thinking power as well as it affects our daily lives as well. Such as studies of a student, work of an individual.

Since the message and notification pop up every second which distracts us eventually decreasing our focus. Hence the productivity decreases.

Here are the 5 methods through which you can deactivate Whatsapp for some time without uninstalling it from your phone. This will help you to take a break from using the Whatsapp.

1. Deactivate Whatsapp By Putting Silent Recording As Notification Tone

Many of you people do not understand by reading the heading that I want to say. Let me explain to you in detail how you can deactivate Whatsapp by putting silent ringtone.

Most of the people are so addicted to the Whatsapp that even when they hear the notification tone their hands automatically move towards the phone.

They have curiosity in their mind that what message has been sent by friends or family members. This is known as addiction.

How can you overcome this? let me tell you the easiest way. The only thing you have to do is sit in a silent room without any disturbance and record and make a ringtone of it. Give a good name to the recording sound.

Now the only thing you have to do is open you Whatsapp. Go to the settings option. In the setting option, you will see Notification. Open the notification tone option and select the silent ringtone which you already made.

Select the notification tone now you will see the changes whenever any message comes from on your Whatsapp you can see the difference. The changes you will after the silent recording ringtone is set as a notification tone.

Whenever any call or notification comes on your Whatsapp due to a silent ringtone you will not hear anything. If you will not hear anything then you will not touch your phone and you can focus on whatever you are doing.

You can turn off Whatsapp on both the devices i.e. Android and iPhone. In Android this process is easy but if you are doing it on the iPhone then it hard to do. But if you know your phone you can easily do these things.

2. How to deactivate Whatsapp by turning off notification Lights?

This is the second way to turn off Whatsapp on your device. After using the silent recording notification tone sometimes when the phone is nearby the notification light might distract you.

If you want to completely cut off from the Whatsapp then you have to all the sic steps. Since all the steps are some kinds of distraction for you which you need to overcome.

When the LED blinks mean any notification has arrived and again with curiosity, you will open the Whatsapp.

For this not to happen again you will turn off the notification light. For this go to the Settings option on your Whatsapp. Again go to Notification and click on the Light and select None. This will turn off the light and whenever the notification will come the light will not blink.

Other than that you can remove the Whatsapp shortcut from your home screen. When the message arrives it shows you the notification which you do not want.

Now you can see it whenever you want. This is the second method of how to deactivate Whatsapp on your device.

how to deactivate whatsapp

3. Deactivate Whatsapp By Disabling Notification

This is the third method by which you can disable Whatsapp on your device. Whenever you are studying or doing important work on your phone and the notification pop up in front. This also distracts the focus on doing the work.

If you want to disable the notification then go to the Notification option and then disable all the options regarding the notifications.

There will be no notification and messages on your screen unless you open the Whatsapp itself. From there you can read the messages nothing will come on your screen if the notification is off.

Another thing is that if you don’t want any messages to come then the best thing is the close your data. This ultimate technique does not allow the message to come on your screen. Until and unless you open your mobile data again.

For this go to the Phone Settings open the apps list and select Whatsapp and click on the Force Stop.

This is how you can deactivate Whatsapp with the above two methods.

4. Disabling The Background Data For Whatsapp

Many of you are having a question in the mind that by disabling the background data Whatsapp will not work. The answer is Yes, it is true that by disabling the background data you will stop getting messages or notifications.

The best part is that it works for the Android device only. Means ios users cannot do this but they try the other methods.

The background data option you will find it inside the data option under the phone settings. This will revoke all the permissions and completely cut off the data for the Whatsapp.

Basically, it will work as the kill switch for Whatsapp but whenever you will open the app again the restrictions will be removed. And you will start getting the notifications and messages.

If you are using this method then make sure that you do not open your Whatsapp again. Other than that to deactivate Whatsapp, you can follow the above three methods.

5. Force Stop Your Whatsapp

Maybe you’ll are familiar with this option and some of the people are using it to stop their Whatsapp.

I’ll tell you what happens you force stop the app. This means when a sender sends you the message then it will show him the single tick which means you have not read it.

But actually, you have Force stop your Whatsapp due to which it shows a single tick. One thing to keep in mind that if you open the Whatsapp then it men’s you have received the message.

So make sure that no to open the Whatsapp after choosing the Force stop option.


So these are the five methods through which you can deactivate your Whatsapp. Comment down below which method you use the most to take a break from Whatsapp.

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