Mini Militia: Best Single and online Multiplayer game for PC and Android

There are lots of multiplayer games in the market but some of the games are big in size and some are not entertaining. But in this article, you will know the most entertaining and small size game under 100 Mb which is also a multiplayer game. The name of the game is Mini Militia. In this article, you will know more about this game.

About Mini Militia Game

Mini Militia is one of the best online multiplayer combat games introduce by Miniclip. If you heard about Miniclip then it is one of the best online gaming website known for the large collection of mini-games. Mini militia comes under that category. This online multiplayer game with up to six players can play at a time. Mini Militia is a 2D game with fun cartoon characters in the game. There is a customizable avatar in the game which can be changed according to user will. With more than twenty maps in the game, you can enjoy all maps provided that you have upgraded your level. otherwise, you will not be able to play the new map. If you want to practice or play solo then you can play the survival mode.

What are the categories in the Mini Militia Game?

There are different categories in the game which makes it easy to use and play the game

  • Avatar: In this category, you can create your own player as well as you can customize the player head, hair, body, and outfits. There are several outfits in the game which you can grab as your level increases.
  • Play Custom: This is the new feature of the game where you can make a private room and play with your friends. Also, you can join the game if you know the game code.
  • Friends: Share the game link through WhatsApp and Facebook get 20 cash for free. Invite your friends and play the game with them.
  • Armory: In Armory you will see three types of weapons i.e. common, rare, and epic. The common weapons are free to use whereas you can buy crates or use cash or coins to unlock epic and rare weapons.
  • Battle: In battle, there are three modes first is Free For All, second is Team Death Match and third is Practice. The Practice mode is further divided into two categories one is Training Mode and other is Survival Mode. The training mode is the introductory part of the game where the player learns the control. In the survival mode, you have to fight with AI players which keeps on coming until you are dead.
  • Maps: There are twenty maps in the game and the player can unlock by increasing his/her level in the game.
  • Cash and Coins: The cash can buy the crates such as Strike Crates, Campaign Crates, and Black Ops Crate. You can find new weapons, outfits, and accessories by opening these three crates. The coin helps in upgrading your weapons whether it common, rare, or epic class.

Features of the Game

There are some extraordinary features which can be seen on the higher games some of them are as follows:

  • Firstly, you can play a custom room in the game which you have seen in big games like PUBG Mobile. Create your own custom room or join custom other rooms with game code.
  • Secondly, there are twenty maps in this game so no boredom of playing the same map again and again.
  • Thirdly, you can customize your avatar and change the looks such as the head, hair, body. Also, you can change the outfit and accessories according to your will.
  • The weapons are categorized as Common, Rare, and Epic. The common weapons will open as you increase your level in the game. Rare and Epic weapons can be found out by opening the crates.
  • Six people can participate in a single game in multiplayer mode and if you want to play offline then you can play survival mode.
  • The game has a dual joystick to control your avatar to change its direction and shooting purposes.

What’s New in the Latest Update?

There are some new features added to the Mini Militia game to enhance the gaming experiences for the user.

  • You can watch the ads and earn rewards in the form of coins, cash from those ads.
  • Now you can invite your friends from Facebook and Whatsapp and play together as a team.
  • At the starting of the first battle, you will see the tutorial mode which helps the new player to understand the concept of the game.
  • In custom and friends, matches support match duration is changed.
  • New weapon upgrade, sound effects, level up with some minor bug fixes.

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How to get Mini Militia for PC?

The Mini Militia game is available for the android as well as for ios platform. But if you want to download mini militia for pc then you need an emulator such as Blue stacks, Nox, and others. Download any of these emulators and download the apk version of the file. Install the emulator on your PC and copy the apk file and paste it on the emulator folder. Now, run the emulator and you will see the game on your PC screen. Open the game set the controls of the joystick according to keyboard or mouse and enjoy mini militia game on PC.

In this way, you can download mini militia game on your PC.

How to get Unlimited Health and Ammo feature?

Basically, if you are using the mini militia hack or mini militia mod version then you can get these features inside the game. The hack version of the game comes with many features such as

  • Unlimited Ammo: Your magazine will not empty it means saves reloading time and you can fire continuously on enemies.
  • Infinite Boost: The jet pack will never empty you can fly endlessly during the match gives you an advantage during the match.
  • Unlimited Health: If you face the enemy and got hit with some bullets your health bar will not decrease.
  • Wall Hack: You can go easily through the wall and surprise the enemy by attacking from the wall.
  • Infinite Grenades: Never ending grenades gives makes you more powerful and aggressive in the game.

When you are using the mini militia mod version then your game might get crash.


To sum up, the mini militia game is one of the best online multiplayer games with a custom room facility. Join with your friends or build your known room to play. Match with any user around the world and destroy them with your skills.