PUBG Mobile Will Not Be Banned In India Read Updated Privacy Policy

There is a lot of controversy regarding the ban on Pubg mobile in India. In this post, you will get all the analysis regarding the same. In the past few days, the government of India bans 59 Chinese apps such as TikTok, Shareit, UC browser, Clash of Kings, DU Battery Saver, and other apps. Recently, the Indian Government releases a list of another 275 apps which might get ban which includes popular games like clash royale, PUBG Mobile, Clash of Clans, etc. According to the reports of the government, these apps are a national security threat as well as for the users.

Why PUBG Mobile comes under this list?

There are many theories behind this first one is the user data policy. According to the Indian government, the data is being exchanged with the Chinese government which is the case of national securities. The second one is maybe true or false but the second thing is that maybe the game gets reported by parents. As you all know that parents hate gaming because they think that there is no career in E-sports. E-sports in India is booming due to this game only. Many of the players who are working hard to get in this field.

The Pubg Mobile is not officially banned India. But it comes under the radar of the government so that there is no violation of user data policy. Just like the other 59 Chinese apps, the government asks several questions regarding user data policy. The company has to give answers within a given time period if they fail to do so then it will officially ban. Pubg Mobile has thousands of active users on a daily basis in India. Tencent games do not want to lose such a large audience.

What did Pubg Mobile do to prevent from banning?

As you can see the company changes its user privacy policy in India. When you open the game you will see the pop-up notice about changing in the privacy policy. In the previous privacy policy, when you log in with your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Email the company can collect your data automatically. The data might be IP address and device information. The device information includes battery strength, location, Android ID, operating system version, and much more. Due to this privacy policy, the game comes under the eye of the Indian government. So much information requires playing a game which is suspicious that’s why it comes under the eye of the government.

Tencent games update its privacy policy for India. The policy states that any information regarding the Indian user will remain on the Indian servers. The Indian players can contact the Pubg official if they want to erase their information. Also, there will be no sharing of user data among the third-party services. If you want to know more about the privacy policy changes then click on the link.

Updated Privacy Policy for Indian User

What do Streamers and Content Creators say about Pubg Ban?

A lot of streamers and content creators give their opinion about the Pubg ban in India. Dynamo Gaming you all know about him their followers asked him whether Pubg will ban or not. To which he said, “ If it gets ban India then he will stream GTA 5 or play other PC games“. Mortal also gives his opinion that the game will not get a ban because India is a huge base for the Tencent Games and they do not want to lose it. Other streamers said that let’s wait for the government’s decision what the government decides we have to follow. Pubg mobile will not be ban in India as per the officials.

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