Pubg New Update 1.0.0. Entering The New Era (New Erangel 2.0)

PUBG is one of the top-grossing action shooter games with millions of active users. The daily active users on this game are 30 million which is a great number. It is the people’s choice game with stunning graphics and intense firepower. There are different terrains in this game such as desert, snow, jungle, countryside. The weapons are realistic in the game and the recoil control makes the game more challenging. Recently Pubg new update 1.0.0 is released and with this new update, new glitches are coming in the game.

Pubg New Update 1.0.0 New Era

New Era Update

  • Firstly, waiting time is over now play new Erangel 2.0 in this update.
  • Secondly, In this update, you will see new buildings at Quarry and Prison. Upgrade them according to the players to give them good loot and fight with the enemies.
  • Thirdly, In order to create a unique battle experience, Mylta power is rebuilt again with new resources.
  • Added hidden basement in the game which has high resources. Also, the buildings are upgraded so that players can use new tactics to kill his enemy.
  • More covers are added in the game so that during any fights with the enemy players can take cover to prevent himself from knocking down. These covers are cannons, anti-tank hedgehogs, vehicles and sandbag barriers.
  • Some changes are done in the cheer park so that people entertainment gets one level up. Now the players have separate grounds for the training, practice new techniques and a different room for competition.
  • Explore the romantic side of the cheer park with different rides such as hot air balloon, two-seater swing and romantic boat.
  • New arena adds to the game known as an extreme arena which has extreme challenges. Improve your skills through these challenges.

pubg new update

Pubg New Update 1.0.0 Comes With New User Experience

The game user interface has been changed drastically in Pubg New Update 1.0.0. Those players who are playing this game will found themselves as a new player. The changes done in the user interface are as follows:

  • There will be three lobbies in the game. The player can switch from one lobby to another by simply swiping right or left. The three lobbies in this new update are as follows.
  • Match Lobby: Where all the maps will be present it will save players time.
  • Social Lobby: In this lobby, you can see the players stats and share your stats on social media platforms.
  • Store Lobby: This is where you can purchase the resources such as skins, clothes, passes and others.
  • Other existing systems in the game get up-gradation in this new update. Some of them are Mode selection screen, Friends screen, share screen and much more to enhance user experience.
  • Graphics and characters have been enhanced in this update. The more detailed graphic quality, actions, items, landscapes and intense fights made the game more addicted.

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Pubg New Update 0.19.0 Glitches

  • Firstly, the parachute glitch at the time of landing you have seen that the parachute goes very fast. Sometimes it goes underground or you land late.
  • Secondly, in-game mic glitch where you are unable to talk with teammates while in the game. After restarting this glitch can fix and sometimes not.
  • Thirdly, You have seen that your joystick does not work properly this is also a glitch in this season.
  • Fourthly, the damage glitch of the sniper weapon. You have seen that while giving headshot damage with AWM the player does not knock.
  • Fifth, when you are in the lobby and your friend is idle but he is a matchmaking or in the game but shows you idle. This is another glitch of Pubg new update.

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What are changes done in Pubg new update?

There are a few changes done in all over the game some of them are as follows:

  • Firstly, the overall loot in the map reduces whether you have seen at the hot drop or any other places you die with insufficient loot.
  • Secondly, Vehicles are less in the maps it’s like sometimes you get vehicles at each and every point on the road. Otherwise, you have to walk around the whole map until the end.
  • Thirdly, scopes are getting rare in all the maps. You have seen that sometimes you play the game by not getting any scope or get scope by killing the enemies.

Pubg new update 0.19.0 (New Map LIVIK)

The new map LIVIK is added to the game which is currently in the beta testing phase. A very good map to improve your gunfight skills. Here are some features of the map you should know before entering this map.

  • In this map, you will be able to see the Nordic terrain which is a new concept.
  • New weapons such as SMG P90 and MK 12 can be found exclusively on this map only.
  • The size of the map is 2km x 2km which is the smallest map in PUBG mobile.
  • New vehicle monster truck which can be found in this map only.
  • 52 players can join this map and you can earn the glory in 15 minutes.
  • With the changing terrains evolve your strategies and startle your enemies with heavy fire.
  • Also, you can see some changes done in the Erangel map where you can see Tents just like the amusement park in the previous update.
  • New skins and costumes can be seen in this update.

pubg new update

Ancient Secret Theme Gameplay Is Coming Soon After LIVIK Update

Other than the release of a new map LIVIK there are many new things that can be seen other maps such as Erangel and Miramar.

  • This time the theme is the spark the flame which can be seen on the Erangel and the Miramar map.
  • There are some small statues, Giant statues, and the statue around the tents which on igniting gives you good loot.
  • The other theme gameplay i.e. Ancient Secret is coming soon for Erangel and Miramar map.
  •  Ancient Temple which is a large two-story structure. And also float on the air as the play zone moves. A very good place to explore for great loot.
  • Slate Puzzle is another new thing coming soon where you can solve the puzzles in ancient ruins.
  • Boss Fight is just like the zombie mode gameplay where you have to kill the boss which gives you good loot. In the same manner in this theme, you can fight with the boss on the second floor of the temple and collect great rewards.
  • Small Ruins where you can find the crates and puzzles. On solving those you will receive the good loots.

Pubg new update 0.18.0 (Mad Miramar)

The Pubg new update releases on 7th May 2020. Also, the season ends with the start of the new season. The new update comes with many exciting features which are as follows.

  • Miramar Update: In Miramar, you can see a slight change in the position of the houses and loots. New houses are present at different locations. The graphics of the map are better with a slight increase in the resources. The race tracks with different challenges are present in this update. Now you race in the desert and perform stunts on the tracks. These tracks are all over the map. There is only one Golden Mirado on the map which is in the Hacienda Del Patron. Fight with your life to drive this Golden Mirado and perform stunts on the tracks.
  • Sandstrom: Just like the climate change in the other maps like foggy weather, day-night, rain, dawn in Erangel and Sanhok. In the same way, you will get the Sandstrom warning just like when the blizzard comes in the Vikendi map. Also, you can see the Sandstrom theme which is covering the whole map.
  • Cheer park: This is an amusement cum training ground. In this park, your whole squad can come and talk to each other, set up a high score by competing with other players so that your name is on the top of the billboard. The number of players that can enter the cheer park is 20. There is a sitting place in the park where you can roast the chicken and challenge each other.
  • Bluehole Mode: In this mode, there are two zones one is the outer zone and the other is the inner zone. The inner will give you damage if you go inside.


As you all know Pubg new update comes with many glitches but nobody can’t stop playing this game. This game is so addictive whether you are a teenager or a mature person everyone has tried this game at least one time.