Russia Develops Worlds First COVID-19 Vaccine “SPUTNIK V”

It’s a piece of good news for people all over the world that Russia is successful in making COVID-19 vaccine. It’s been a nine-month since this outbreak occurs. All the countries are trying and testing their vaccine. But Russia becomes the first country in the world who has made a vaccine for coronavirus. Let’s get to the ground report of this and know whether Russia is successful or not.

Russia Claims That He Has Created Vaccine Of COVID-19?

According to the reports, the president of Russia Mr Vladimir PutinĀ said “a very important step for the world“. The trials were successful and ready to use it on civilians with this Russia becomes the first country in making COVID-19 vaccine. The first vaccine shot is given to Putin’s Daughter. The name of the vaccine is Gam-COVID-Vac Lyo which is made by the collaboration of Gamaleya Institute in Moscow and Defence Ministry of Russia.

How Does The COVID-19 Vaccine Works?

Basically, the vaccine contains the DNA of SARS COV-2 type, Adenovirus, a common cold virus in a weaker form. The vaccine has a small quantity of the live virus which is in a weaker form or dead injects into the body. The main purpose of this is to create antibodies of the virus. So that next time when a person comes in the contact or virus enters the body the antibodies kill them. This is the motive behind while making the vaccine to make the person immune to the disease already.

But there are several doubts regarding the Vaccine about safety and effectiveness. The vaccine is ready to use for the civilians without any clinical trials. This creates the doubt whether the vaccine works or not. But Russia is saying that it is effective and ready to use.

Expert Concern Regarding The Vaccine

The other countries like America working on Moderna, Oxford working on AstraZeneca and others are continually working and unable to find a cure. Whereas Russia made the vaccine super fast in nine-month which creates suspicion about the vaccine. There are chances that the side effect of the vaccine may be seen on the citizens. According to the experts, the human trials take several months or in normal circumstances, it takes a year. But according to the Russian Government, the human trials are done within two months that is a big concern.

For making a vaccine the following procedure takes place and this is a traditional timeline:

  • Firstly, the vaccine is prepared in the laboratory.
  • Secondly, the pre-clinical tests take place i.e. testing on the animals.
  • Thirdly, Clinical trials take place which contains the three phases Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3.
  • Fourth, after the clinical trials are done then the vaccine is reviewed and goes for the approval by the FDA.
  • Fifth, after FDA approval it goes to the manufacturing.

Trial Result Of Vaccine Made By Russia

According to the Russian media, the Russian government shows the result of the trials of Phase 1. There were no side effects seen and the people who volunteer for the trial able to build immunity against the virus. In July, the Russian media agency TASS said the people who were given vaccine do not complain about the side effects. It means that the Vaccine works. For the Phase 1 trial which starts from June 17 on 76 Volunteers out of which most of the people were from the military. Half of the Volunteers were injected with liquid vaccine and the other half gets in the form of soluble powder.

According to the news reports, the phase 2 trials starts from July 13. On the other hand, the report states that only phase two is done. About Phase 3 trials it was not mentioned in the report. Generally, Phase 2 requires several months to complete. But on August 3, Russian Media reports that Gamaleya Institute has completed all the three phases of clinical trials.

What does Russia say On This Matter?

The Russian government said that the tests are done very fastly. This became possible because Coronavirus closely resembles the MERS(Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) disease. It is another coronavirus which was tested thoroughly that’s why we were able to create the vaccine in such a small time duration.

Countries Showing Interest In This Vaccine

According to the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) more than 20 countries have shown interest in buying the vaccine from Russia. The head of the RDIF Kirill Dimitriev said: “Our foreign partners express great interest in producing this vaccine in their countries“. Countries like Brazil, India are looking forward to this vaccine. But there is no official statement given by the Indian government regarding the Russian Vaccine production in India. More than five countries are helping in producing the COVID- 19 vaccines.

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