Special Security Force Will Be Establish By Yogi Adityanath Government

Recently, the government of Uttar Pradesh is thinking about establishing a Special Security Force. The new Special Security Force will be known as the UPSSF (Uttar Pradesh Special Security Force). According to CM Yogi Adityanath, this new security force has the power to arrest anyone without any warrant. In this news article, you will know the reason behind the formation of these forces. What will be the impact and role of this new force on the law and order of Uttar Pradesh?

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Sunday said that a new special force will be formed in Uttar Pradesh. The special force will have similar power and authority given to the CISF(Central Industrial Security Forces). One of the best things about these forces is that it does not require any warrant to arrest or search for anyone. This power is given to this Special Security Force.

Generally, in order to arrest anyone the police needs to take permission from the Magistrate. So if police need to arrest anyone then the whole of this procedure takes place.

Reason To Establish Special Security Force

Recently, the high court of Uttar Pradesh urges the central government to establish a special force. The reason is that the Uttar Pradesh Police is not fulfilling the duty of securities inside the court. There are were many incidents that relate to the security of the accuse as well as innocents inside the court.

On December 17, 2018, when three people open fires in the courtroom. This incident happens at Bijnor court. The accuse along with three persons were severely injured in this open fire. Two policemen and a court employee got hurt in this incident. The Allahabad high court put the Yogi government in the corner over the shootout at the Bijnor court.

On this incident, the high court judges said that “most incompetent police personnel are being posted at the courts“. Also, the high court adds to their statement and says to the UP government that if state police are unable to protect the courts then they can seek help from the centre.

The additional chief secretary Awanish Kumar Awasthi said: “The SSF has been established in the view of an Allahabad high court order to the state government for security and protection of all court premises in the state“.

Role Of Special Security Force

This special force will present at the various places for the protection of the people and the balance of law and order in Uttar Pradesh.

  • Firstly, at the local courts so that Bijnor case won’t repeat again.
  • Secondly, at the Metro Railways station.
  • Thirdly, at the airports, industrial site, banks, religious places, pilgrimage sites and financial institutions.

According to the Awanish Kumar Awasthi “The new force would not provide effective security to important places, It would also help the administration in utilising PAC and local police for better Maintainance of law and order and crime control”.

The UP government is planning to launch UPSSF in next three months. The DGP of police will give the road map about how the process will take place. In 15 days the implementation of rules under the SSF Act completes.

The strength of the force will be around 9919 personnel. UP government decides to make 5 battalions in the first phase. The total strength of the personnel will be 1913. The amount which needs to spend on the formation of five battalions is 1747 crores.

Also, the government will provide special training to the Special Security Force personnel on the modern security system and security devices. In the first phase, the government will use the infrastructure of PAC.

Who Will Lead This UPSSF?

The additional director general will lead this force. But the superintendent of the force will remain the DGP of the police. According to the government in order to generate revenue, the private parties can ask for the special forces. But the private party have to pay money for their securities. The personnel in this force equips with high-level professional skills.

The UP is not only the first state to have special forces. Other states such as Maharastra and Odisha have “State Vital Installation Force”. They also provide security to the government, semi governments as well as financial, religious. cultural, educational and health institutions.

Concern About The Authority Given To UPSSF

Since the UPSSF force has the power to search and arrest without warrant. The personnel of this force might misuse his powers because it does not require the permission of the Magistrate. This might be an issue regarding so a separate rule for this section must frame in order to prevent misuse of powers and authority.

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