Sushant Singh Rajput Death Case: CBI Will Take Over The Investigation

Supreme Court the topmost justice authority of India orders the Maharashtra and Bihar police to hand over the case to CBI. Now CBI will investigate the death case of late Sushant Singh Rajput. What the fans and family members were asking for is finally granted by the Supreme Court. All the fans are very happy with this decision.

CBI Investigation Of Sushant Singh Rajput Death Case

On Wednesday the Supreme Court gives an order for CBI investigation. The Maharastra Police have to cooperate with the CBI investigation. All the evidence regarding the case needs to hand over the CBI by Mumbai Police. Sushant Singh Rajput father Mr K K Singh lodge an FIR for the CBI investigation. To which Justice Hrishikesh Roy said “FIR registered at Patna was correct and reference to CBI is lawful. The Bihar government is competent enough to transfer case to CBI for investigation“.

On this matter supreme court further said that “The state of Maharastra refuses the option to change the investigation from Mumbai Police to CBI. The Maharashtra police are challenging the order and refusing to give jurisdiction as Mumbai police are already working on it. Also, the Mumbai Police is conducting probe under section 174 CRPC(enquire on suicide) in comparison to Bihar Police“. All the pieces of evidence must be regarding the Sushant’s death must be hand over to CBI.

FIR Against Rhea Chakraborty And Five Others

Sushant’s father KK Singh lodged an FIR against Rhea Chakraborty and five others. The accusation is as follows:

  • Abetment of suicide
  • Cheating
  • Criminal breach of trust
  • Criminal intimidation
  • Wrongful confinement

This means that the Bihar police have the rights to take away all the piece of evidences from Mumbai Police. But when the Bihar Superintendent Of Police Vinay Tiwari reaches Maharastra with forces all of them were forcefully put in quarantine. Also, the Mumbai police were not very cooperative in this case and denying in giving the evidence to Bihar police. Rhea Chakraborty file petition in Supreme Court and pleads to move the FIR to Mumbai Police.

What was Bihar DGP Response?

Bihar DGP Gupteshwar Pandey supports the supreme court decision and expresses his happiness on this matter. When the IPS officer gets quarantine in Maharastra since he was there for the collection of evidence from Mumbai Police. The DGP of Bihar becomes angry with the decision of Maharastra Police. The verdict from the supreme court has strengthened the trust on the court. This proves that Bihar was correct and the Mumbai Police behaviour is illegal for this case.

What was The Response Of Sushant Singh Rajput Lawyer?

Vikas Singh the lawyer of the Sushant’s family reaction on the verdict he said: “This is a victory for Sushant Singh Rajput Family. After reviewing all the points the supreme court gives the decision in our favour. The court clearly said that the FIR registered at Patna was correct“.

Responses Of The Advocates

The Senior Advocate A M Singhvi from Maharastra says that this is all the political issue as the elections in Bihar are coming. When the election will be over everything will become normal. The Maharastra Police is working as per the rules while Bihar police are not. To which the Senior Advocate Maninder Singh who is appearing from Bihar said the political pressure is in Maharashtra itself what Bihar police asks only for the evidence and documents which they did not give. So the Mumbai police are not cooperating in this way both are accusing each other.

The Solicitor General from the centre Tushar Mehta said that the Maharastra Police recorded the statements of 56 Witnesses but none of them has a doubt about Sushant Singh Rajput committing Suicide.

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