Top 10 Banned Video Games Around The World You Can’t Play Anymore

Gaming is always a source of fun for people and for some people it is a stress reliever. But playing the game all the time may affect your brain and you are unable to distinguish between the real and virtual world. In this article, you will know about Top 10 banned games all around the world.

The violence, nudity, and brutality in the game may lead to a person to become a criminal. In order to prevent it from happening many countries are banning these games. Another thing is that put that game under a restriction such as age restrictions. That’s what the government does but still, it has a negative effect on the mind of a person.

The person tries to do what happened in the game like stunts, abusive words, and some killing and thinks the person will revive again just like in the game. That’s why I am saying those who play games for a long time will not be able to distinguish between the real and virtual worlds. Some cases like this happened around the world. In this article, you will know about those games which were ban and why they were ban?

1. Manhunt 2

top 10 banned games

This game was released in the year 2007 by the Rockstar Games. After getting so much popularity from the Grand Theft Auto series the company decides to launch a Psychological Horror game.

But all the things go wrong after the pre-release of the game. The games contain violence and brutal deaths of the people inside the game. Also the game releases in the uncensored version which shows the brutal killing and scorching scenes in the game.

The revolves around a psychopath suffering from amnesia who tries to hide his identity from peoples. Leo Kasper a sociopath guides him through his journey. The brutality in the game was on another level.

Various nation governments such as Germany, NewZealand, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and South Korea banned the game. The US puts the AO (Adults) title on the game copies by seeing the violence in the game.

Now in order to high up the ratings Rockstar games Censor the killing part as well as nudity scenes. Removes the scoring part where brutal killing in the games gives you more points.

After censoring all these Rockstar relaunches the game with the edited version. Also, an 18+ certificate adds to the game in this way the game comes under the AO category.

2. RapeLay

top 10 banned games

Sometimes the name of the game leads to misunderstanding. Similar things happen to this game as the name says forcing someone into sexual desires. In a similar way game, you have to do in the game.

This game was developed by the Japnese Illusion Studio in the year 2006. In this game, there were different tasks that you have performed. These tasks were the stalking and breaking the taboo and have sex with your mother and two sisters in the game.

After three years of release, this game gains international attention and a lot of controversies were going about the game. This game is giving a bad message in the minds of the people that’s why different countries ban this game. Some of the countries put this game in the category of adults only.

The countries which ban this game are Argentina, Indonesia, and NewZealand. And in these countries, it became illegal to sell this game. This means no retail copy but you can buy the digital copy online.

3. Grand Theft Auto

GTA popular game series also comes under this list. Many of you people have played this game or heard the name of GTA. Killing people, breaking the rules, violence, and nudity you will find in this game.

Now this game gets a ban in Thailand as there is a story behind it why? Here’s the story of a man who was traveling in a taxi in Bangkok and a hardcore GTA fan who play the game everyday.

Now a dreadful incident is about to happen. When he reaches the destination the cab driver asks for money. But instead of giving money he pulls out a knife and stabs the driver. The Police caught the man and ask the reason for killing the taxi driver.

The man blames the GTA game for getting a change in his behavior. Also, he told police in his statement inside the game killing seems to be easy.

After this incident, the game bans in Thailand. In Thailand, people do not own a pc so they play games at the internet cafe. This how GTA comes in the list of top 10 banned games.


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4. Postal 2

top 10 banned games

How much a game can be terrific and bad? But Postal 2 breaks all the records of it. In this game, you have to perform the daily errands which contain tasks such as violence, homicidal rage, tortures, and other mundane tasks.

The game contains a mission where the character plays as Gary Coleman a famous American actor. Also, there was a mission where the character has to urinate in order to complete the errands.

Also, the cruelty to the animals, racism, and stereotypes makes the game so bad. NewZealand bans this game and who so ever found guilty of playing this game fine heavily of $1400.

In this amount, you can buy several other games that’s why it is the list of 10 banned games. It is better to stay away from these types of games.

5. The Pokemon Trading Card Game

Many of you were thinking about why this game was banned? Since it does not contain any nudity, sexual, or violent content. It is just a card game and pokemon is a very famous animated series around the world.

How come it was banned and in which part of the world? The country where this game is ban in Saudi Arabia. Even they also said that it may be a threat to national security. There’s a story behind its ban. Let’s hear it.

The energy symbol used in the game to show the power of a pokemon it connects to the international Zionism. And we all know it is a part of Israel’s national emblem. Promoting Zionism is not allowed in middle eastern countries.

You can say it as unintentional that the game has this symbol. But for the Saudi officials, you are promoting it through your game. In this way, this game comes under section 10 banned games.

6. Command & Conquer: General’s

top 10 banned games

What does it take to get a ban on any video game? The answer will blow a nuclear missile on a country (in a comic way). That’s the thing that happens with the command & conquer: General’s game.

The game developed by Electronic Arts in the year 2006. The game based on real-time strategy. In this game, you can become general of superpower nations such as the United States, China or even you can play from the terrorist side also.

The game was very popular in the Asian market but the Chinese government was annoyed with this game. How the Chinese government was pissed by the game?

When the story mode of the game starts you will see a short video. In this video, it was shown that a nuclear missile detonates in Beijing. Also, the footage includes the destruction of the Three Gorges Dam.

It became a doomsday for the Electronic Arts and the Chinese government bans all the series of the games. Since this dam was the legendary remarks of china. This makes this game enters in our top 10 banned games list.

7. Bully

Rockstar topped the list of getting their games banned around the world? As we talk about two games which are GTA and Manhunt series develop by the Rockstar Games comes under this list.

The game releases in the year 2006 but after a year the Rio Grande do Sul ban this game. The country lies in the southernmost part of Brazil.

In this game, there is a boy who is in the boarding school and tries to familiar with the school’s social structures. The boy in the game is a bad-mouthed, violent, abuse everyone even his teachers. Drinks alcohol which is enough region to get a game ban.

According to the Rio Grande do Sul playing these types of games in school will be harmful to the teenagers? Anybody who found guilty of playing the game or even buying or selling will get a fine of 1000 Brazilian real per day.

8. The Guy Game

top 10 banned games

I think you didn’t hear about this game because when it launches in the market a lawsuit file on the company. The lawsuit was showing child pornography. The game was quickly removed from the market. Top-heavy was one of the developers of this game.

The Guy Game comes under the erotic and sexual content category games. In this game what you have to do is you have answer certain questions correctly. If the player is able to it then the game rewards with hot pictures of the women. The women in the game open her shirt and fondle her boobs.

How this gets a ban? You can say a misfortune for the company that in those pictures there was a picture of a 17-year-old teen showing her boobs.

Now the company was in violation of child pornography a lawsuit filed against the company. To preserve the reputation the company quickly removes the game from the market. All the things were forgotten just like it never happened.

This makes it to the list of top 10 banned games you can’t play anymore.

9. Custer’s Revenge

Some of the game developers try to give sexual or erotic direction in the game. Custer’s Revenge comes into that category. The game releases in 1982 for the Atari 2600 which was the gaming console of that time.

The game releases by the Canoga Park which was a subsidiary of an adult movie company. In this game, there is a horny general who is a boner. What he has to do is cross the obstacle to reach the woman who is a native American tied at the pole. The general has to cross all the obstacles in order to rape her.

When the game releases, Andrea Dworkin claiming that the game is increasing more violence against native American women. Several cities in America passes the laws to prevent the sales of this game. Oklahoma was the only one who bans the game within the city. This makes it the game to come in the list of top 10 banned games.

10. Fallout 3

top 10 banned games

If any game hurts the cultural and religious sentiments of the community in the game will get automatically ban. This is what happens to Fallout 3 in India. India has a diverse culture and religion but if you try to hurt their religious belief people will not tolerate.

The Fallout 3 game was not banned in India but Microsoft India does not allow it to be released in India for XBOX 360. But if they release the game it might hurt the religious beliefs of the people.

The only thing is that the game represents the two-headed cow which was named after a certain community. It might hurt the sentiments of that community which Microsoft India does not want to do.

This is the reason why Fallout 3 does not release in India.


So these are the top 10 banned games around the world. There are so many other games that are banned in a similar way due to brutality, extreme violence, and sexual content. Hope you like this article for more stay tuned to our blog.

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