Top 10 Best Video Meeting Application

Hello Friends..!! Here we are going to know the Top 10 best video meeting application. As we all know the meeting is too important in every work also the necessity of every business or organization. There are many video meeting applications are available in the market but most of them are very expensive and also video quality was very trashy. So here are the top 10 best video meeting application also these are round up of the best video meeting application around today with the best quality and affordable price.

1- Zoom Application

At the present time this is one of the best and most popular video conferencing solutions for businesses is Zoom. With a very powerful option in this space, it supports more than 100 concurrent participants in a single meeting and more than 49 videos on a single screen. Zoom application is very easy to set up and offers a wide range of features. Zoom is the best and suitable application for Enterprise-level users, with an attractive free option. This app will be free of cost for personal use but if you want premium so you can pay the price and cost is $19.99/month/host also with a minimum of 100 hosts. It also offers some best features like webinar and presentation features and phone call support. This application also provides good video and audio quality with participants to join via the web browser extensions, dedicated apps, and more other devices using iPhone and Android.

2- Google Hangouts

Another one is Google Hangouts service which considered to be an individual use service and not too many features are available. For small businesses, Google Hangout can be an effective tool for video meetings or video communication. Also, Hangout is a suitable option for schools and environments that already use G Suite. It supports more than 50 participants with above-average video and audio quality also with some additional video conferencing features. It is best for small businesses that don’t require big up-front costs for hardware. Also, Hangouts itself doesn’t come with the big monthly cost that other video applications might charge. This Google Hangouts is also used for iPhone as well as Android and mostly in all web browsers.

3- Google Meet

The best video meeting of nowadays formerly known as Google Hangouts. Google Meet is a part of the G Suite office productivity platform and also provides the best conferencing service. It is also deep integration with Google’s other apps. With many features like calendar syncing, polished user interface, and conference room booking Google Meet is designed with the best video meetings among team members. You can cater to a large number of users at once so it makes it easier to work with lots of members or with external clients. It also offers you live captioning, which is a huge plus for accessibility. Another best feature of Google Meet is if your internet connection is slow, it doesn’t degrade calls as gracefully like other video conferencing applications. If we compare Google Meet with others it doesn’t require big up-costs fir hardware and best for the business-grade conferencing platform.

4- GoToMeeting

If you want instant meetings and meeting transcription services so GoToMeeting is best for you. GoToMeeting supports multiple participants in the lowest subscription and more than 100 plus in the advance pro subscription. The best feature of GoToMeeting is you can easily set up this application on your smartphone, also you can maximize call and image quality. Also, you can invite people outside of your organization by creating a custom link for your meeting. The lowest subscription of GoToMeeting starts from 14$/month for 15 participants and hight subscription cost around $29/month for more than 150 participants. GoToMeeting also offers some good features like calendar syncing, Material Design, presentation feature, and many more. GoToMeeting is also provided in mobile apps separately for Android and iOS. It also offers an enterprise plan which accommodates more than 3,000 participants.

5- Skype

You guys always know about this video meeting software because this application is one of the best video conferencing app. Skype is a decent solution for both small and large businesses. Because of its best features, there are millions of users who are using video calling. One of its cross-platform app features allows you to group video calling for up to 50 people at a time. After creating an account on Skype, you can start meeting from any mobile apps, any desktop, and also from your browser. It also offers some best features such as screen sharing, if you use a desktop app. You can also records chats, and subtiles your conversations. But this application is a little bit costly the user fees start at $2 per month.

6- Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebEx especially for large enterprises and for those with a large number of team members. Because of decent features, it is quite popular with business users. There are many plans are available but it’s a free version also should be fine. This application is designed around large-scale collaboration. This application offers some of the best features such as single tap, and customizable video layouts, and also you can schedule meetings directly from the app. You can be meeting up to 100 participants in an HD video also you can screen share and create private chat rooms. The free package of Cisco WebEx includes 1GB of cloud storage, unlimited length meeting, and make MP4 recording of them. Cisco’s networking is also very impressive and pricing starts at $13.50/host/month.

7- BlueJeans

With many features and collaboration tools, BlueJeans is one of the best web conferencing applications in the market. BlueJeans was founded in 2009 and this application provides a cloud-based video conferencing platform. This application is best for system meetings, and events to enable video conferencing or meetings anywhere. BlueJeans also offers a 30-days free trial and has three pricing tiers. The first one is ‘Me’ tier costs $14.99 per month when you paid annually. Also, users can connect with any computer and have up to 50 attendees. The third and last one is ‘My Company’ plan.

This plan is best for those who are working with business teams. Also, this plan includes all the features of the other plans, calendar support, and up to 150 participants. So if you are looking application for a business purpose this one is also the best option for you.

8- Slack

The next one on our list is Slack. With the feature of integrated video conferencing Slack is the most popular collaboration tool which is used in businesses and organizations. Slack is mostly used for larger meetings and also a great tool for integrating hybrid teams. With a lot of features, Slack is one of the best video meeting applications in the market.

9- BigBlueButton

Another one is BigBlueButton, the best video meeting application for education and online learning. This application is packed with the best features for online learning and webinars. Also, you can share video, audio, presentations during sessions, or any online webinars. If we compare with BigBlueButton with other online learning application BigBlueButton is very easy to set up and has all features of expensive commercial online learning video meeting applications. It also including LMS (Learning Management Systems) which is the best thing for students and teachers both.

10- ClickMeeting

The last one on our list is ClickMeeting. With lots of features for webinar hosts and different tools for presentation, ClickMeeting is one of the best video meeting applications in the market. The best thing about ClickMeeting is the software integrates with analytics and marketing tools and also supports question-and-answer sessions and live polls, so you can get data about attendees.

Pros Of ClickMeeting:-

  • webinar pad is also fully customizable
  • You Can record your webinar
  • cloud 
  • zapier

So, Guys, these are the Top 10 Best Video Meeting Application. Guys, If we missed any other best video meeting apps, please write down them in the comments section, and I hope these video meeting apps will help you as best as possible.