Top 5 Latest Anime Series Releasing In July 2020 That Will Blow Your Mind

COVID-19 has affected a lot of upcoming anime series. The July month comes with heaven for the anime lovers. Now the wait time is over and in this article, you will know about the best anime series which is going to be released in the month of July. Some of the anime are those which the anime lovers are eagerly waiting for to watch. The top five anime series are as follows:

1. Gibiate

The plot of the anime is in the year 2030 a virus outbreak occurs in Japan. The name of the virus is “Gibier”. Once the person gets infect then he/she turns into the monster. They can change their form to any other person whether they are old and young or male and female. A samurai from the Edo period comes into the post-apocalyptic world where he meets with the doctor. The doctor dedicates his life to find the cure of the virus. After becoming a monster the only thing in their mind is food. The samurai is helping the doctor and where they go danger comes along. The first episode releases on the 8th of July. The storyline is too good. Let’s see how the audience reacts to the anime series.

best anime series

2. Fire Force Season 2

The first season of the fire force was very popular. Shinra a third-generation pyromancer and adolla burst user join the fire force company 8. He is also a victim as his mother turned into infernal and his little brother died in that accident. The fire force company 8 captain finding the reason for the human combustion. Later on, they find that someone is turning human into the infernal. Also, Shinra comes to know about his brother who is alive and is in the enemy’s hands known as Evangelist. At the end of the season, both of them fight because Shinra swore his mother to protect his little brother. Also, the other fire force companies are secretly working with the company 8 to fight the Evangelist.

The second season is also full of action where they are continuously fighting with the Evangelist. The first episode releases on the 3rd of July. This is one of the best anime series in my opinion to watch. Note that if you are new then watch season one so that you will able to grasp what is happening in the anime series.

3. The Misfit of Demon King Academy

If you like the overpowered demon genre anime series then this anime is for you. The plot of the story revolves around “Anoth” who is a powerful demon 2000 years ago. Every demon lord has a dream to destroy mankind the same dream possess by the Anoth 2000 year ago. In this era, he is reincarnated as a boy and going to school with his descendants. There he shows his magical power and defeats the royals who have higher magical attributes than other people. The magic demon king Anoth uses was far superior that no one is able to assess his true powers. The first episode air on the 4th of July which is the adaptation of Japnese light novel series. The manga releases in 2018 written by Shu.

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4. Sword Art Online: Alicization War Of Underworld Season 2

The waiting is over now for the SAO fans who are eagerly waiting for the second season. The first episode of this anime series is going to be air on the 11th of July. After the defeat of the administrator, the balance between the human world and the dark world wavers. Also, many of the western gamers enter the game and join the dark troops to capture the human world. The whole concept of sword art online: Alicization is to create artificial intelligence that has to power to make a decision on its own. The first season of the war of underworld where holy knights are fighting with the underworlds troops. Kirito is paralyzed after fighting with the administrator and watching the whole fight. Asuna enters the virtual world with the administrator key as she was worried about kirito.

The upcoming season 2 of the war of the underworld is full of action. In this season we will able to see some action from kirito by seeing the SAO: War Of Underworld Poster. The SAO series is one of the best anime series as the series is full of action, romance and shounen.

5. Monster Girl Doctor

The first episode of this anime releases on the 4th of July. The story of this anime revolves around Dr. Glenn who is a doctor and treats both humans and monsters. After a long fight between humans and monsters now they are living in peace with each other. Saphentite or ” Sapphee” works as an assistant at the doctor Glenn clinic. Sapphee is a lamia that is half-snake and half-human. They run the clinic in the town name Lidworm. Sapphee and Dr. Glenn both study at the same university under the octopus woman Dr. Cthuly.

The storyline is excellent and recommended to watch this anime as it is featured by Crunchyroll. The first episode air on the 4th of July on different anime websites. These are awesome anime series recommend you to watch in this pandemic time period.