Top 8 best Anime Website information To Watch And Stream

Japnese anime and manga are popular among the teenager as well as the mature people due to its heart touching storyline and lots of action. The characters and the storyline are made by the manga artist. The anime consists of different genres such as shounen, sci-fi, ecchi, school, action, and many others. The anime is the hand-drawn and computer made animation which was originated in Japan. So in this article, I’ll tell you about the most popular anime web where you can watch the anime or download it on your device.

If you are looking for anime web where you can download and stream then gogoanime tv is the best. The website contains different genres of anime. This website contains a wide collection of animes as well as movies. Both the dubbed and subbed anime series are available on this website. There are different servers through which you can watch the anime in case of a server problem. Also, the website contains the downloading if you don’t want to stream. There are five categories on the website.

  1. Home: In this section, you can find the latest episodes of the ongoing anime series.
  2. Anime list: This section comprises the collection of all anime series from A-Z. You can find all the anime series which are released until now.
  3. New seasons: The upcoming or new anime released are uploaded in this category.
  4. Movies: In this section, you can find anime movies. Some of them have a connection with the anime as they are part of it.
  5. Popular: The new anime release every day but some of the storylines of the anime are good. Therefore love by the audience.

Also, gogoanime tv allows the user to make a request for the anime series. Hence this website is different from all other websites.

  • 9ANIME

The 9anime website is most popular among anime lovers. It contains all the latest anime releases and also you can see the weekly episodes of ongoing anime. There is a search bar on the top of the website through which you can search for the anime titles you want to see. The 9anime website has a huge collection of anime series in alphabetical order. You can find anime according to different genres such as ecchi, school, shounen, sci-fi, school, thriller, music, magic, drama, and much more. There are three servers through which you can stream the video. In any case, if you are unable to run the video then click on a use different server to watch the anime.

The anime is available in both subbed and dubbed but the dubbing of the anime release a bit late as compared to subbed part. The website only dedicated to the anime series only. The only problem is that the websites contain too many ads while you click on the video. Otherwise, 9anime is a good website to watch the latest anime. 

  • Kiss Anime

Another awesome anime web in terms of interface and anime series i.e. kissanime. The website contains anime as well as cartoon both. There is a Request/ Report section on the website where you request a new anime series. Give the correct name of anime otherwise, the request will not be fulfill by the admin. To watch anime different servers are available in any case if a server is not working you can report about the link. You can also see the mobile interface by clicking on the Mobile option. Anime series are available in Japanese audio with subtitles and also in English dubbed. The kissanime website has a collection of old and new animes. Just hit the title in the search bar and make sure that name of anime is accurate otherwise you will get the wrong result. The anime dubbed category contains anime which is available in English audio.

If you are looking for an anime then go to the anime list you will every anime arrange in the alphabetical order otherwise hit the title on the search bar and you will get the result. Weekly new updates of ongoing anime series updates on the website. The con on the website is a lot of ads pop up when you just click on the video. It takes 2-3 ads to reach to your anime video.

  • Anime Planet

I would like to give my personal recommendation for this anime websites. The user interface is good and gives a good competition to the other websites which are providing subscription. if you see there are different categories on the anime planet websites.

    1. Anime: In this section, you can find all the latest ongoing anime episodes as well as the series which are completed. Also, the anime list is available where you can find the other anime placed in alphabetical order.
    2. Manga: Some of the storylines of the anime is so good that you want to know what happens next. In order to get the answer, you can read the manga which will give information about what will be happening in the next episode.
    3. Characters: If you like the anime characters then looking for there images then you can download it from the characters section.
    4. Community: If you love to talk about anime and its character then you can join their discord server. In this discord server, you can talk with other anime lovers.

Also, no login or sign up is required to watch the anime online which is the best part of the anime planet website.

  • Anime Cruzers

Basically, the Animecruzers website is not for streaming the anime episodes but you can download the episodes. There are direct links as well as mirror links to download the episodes. The downloading links are very fast and you get higher quality in small sizes. If you want to stream anime online then go to the watch anime option and there will be the links that will redirect you to the third party website. Also, this website is heaven for the manga readers if you love reding manga then go to the read manga option and if you want to download the manga then go to the download manga option. If you want to request the anime series then you can request it from the request anime tab.

If you are a hardcore anime lover and want to buy the merchandise then this website is the best. From this website, you can buy toys, cosplays, Clothes, action figures, and much more. Sometimes there are problems in downloading the anime episodes if the problem occurs then go to the How-To Download tab. Overall, this website is free to access as no subscription is required which is a good thing about this website.

  • Crunchy Roll

Every anime lover knows about crunchy roll as it is the authentic website to watch anime online. The websites contain a wide variety of anime series and movies. The website is updated with the latest anime episodes on a daily basis. Apart from anime series if you are a manga reader then this place suits you the best. It contains all the manga like Boruto, one-piece, plunderer and other mangas.  But one thing to keep in mind that you have to buy a premium membership to avail of these services. The cost of the premium series is around $7.99 which is similar to the Funimation premium subscription pack. Also on this website, you will get all the anime news and games with the premium subscription.

If you don’t want to buy the premium pack then you can go for the 14-day free trial membership. If you are not satisfied with services which are definitely not possible you can cancel your membership before the trial.

  • Soul Anime

I would recommend this website to watch anime series like Boruto, Black clover, Dragon ball heroes, and many others. The new episodes update weekly on this website and the great thing is that there is only one ad that comes at the starting of the video. Also, there are six different servers through which we can watch the anime. In case of any breakdown or the server is not working then you can choose other servers to watch the anime. This website contains a collection of anime series. There are different categories on the website.

  1. Home: On this page, you will find the weekly episodes of the ongoing anime series.
  2. Anime List: This page contains all the anime series whether new or old in alphabetical order.
  3. Anime Movies: In this section, you can find anime movies which are
  4. Completed Anime: The anime series which are completed can be found out in this section.
  5. Random Anime: This is like one of the best things if you want to see a random anime series then this part comes to handy. Just click on the Random anime and you will get an anime series in front of you irrespective of its category.


One of the best anime web to watch anime online but you have to buy a monthly subscription for it. The monthly subscription cost you around $7.99 bu this subscription comes with many benefits such as stream will be ads-free and the episodes are available in subbed and dubbed both. Also, you can buy your favorite anime merchandise from this website at a discount if you are a premium plus member. The delivery cost of the merchandise will be free above $20. In this premium subscription, you can do five simultaneous streams at the same time. The new episodes are uploaded weekly and if you love anime movie then search for the title you will get every movie here.

If you want to buy an anime subscription pack then my recommendation is Funimation as the website is the full package in itself.

Final word:

In the end, I would like to say to the anime lovers all the websites have some features in itself so you can visit any anime webs to watch online or download the anime. If you are buying a paid subscription to become a premium member then also it comes with great benefits in terms of merchandise and shipping charges. At last, if you like this article then share with your anime lover friends and family members. It would be appreciable if you drop the comment if you like this article.