English Caption Of Ultraman Z Releases On 20 June By Tsuburaya

Ultraman Z series fans who are waiting for the new episodes are over now. According to the official website, the first episode of the series will be aired on 20th June 2020. Also for those who don’t know Japnese, the episode will contain the English subtitles for their understanding. The first episode will be shown on the Ultraman Official YouTube channel as well as on TV Tokyo. The English caption will be there while watching the first episode on their YouTube channel. The next Ultraman Z series announcement was done by Tsuburaya Productions on 26 March 2020 on their official website. The first trailer of the series releases on 16th April 2020. According to the officials, the new episode will be debuting every Friday of the week and the episode will be available for two weeks on their official YouTube Channel.

Kiyotaka Taguchi will be the new director of the Ultraman Z series. Tatsuomi Hamada’s supporting cast and for the opening theme and ending theme Masaaki Endoh and Nami Tamaki will be singing. Ultraman Zero is celebrating its 10-year anniversary as well as the new lineup of heroes. The running time of the episodes will be around 30 minutes.

Ultraman Z Series Plot

The plot behind this series is after the destruction of Ultraman Belial in Ultraman Greed. Devil Splinters scattered around the world causing destruction and chaos around the universe by turning monsters into Berserker. Celebro a villain using schemes and destroying the planets. Now, these evil beings are moving towards the land of light which is under the protection of Ultraman and his disciples. They are the only person who can destroy evil plans every time. The fierce battle starts between Ultraman and Genegarg who is a villain in this series. Ultraman is chasing Genegarg who is moving towards the earth. In the earth, there is an anti-robot force STORAGE a defense force unit who fights monsters as well as extraterrestrial beings. This unit is consists of young hot-blooded youth Haruki Natsukawa.

Characters in the series

  • STORAGE: An elite defense unit who fights monsters
  1. Haruki Natsukawa
  2. Shota Hebikura
  3. Yoko Nakashima
  4. Kojiro Inaba
  5. Yuka Ohta
  6. SAA: Anti Monster Special Airborne Armour
  • Globally Allied Force Japan

An organization whose sole motive is to deal with monster attacks. The characters in this series are as follows

  1. Director Kuriyama
  2. Shinya Kaburagi
  • Ultraman Greed
  1. Riku Asakura: A genetically clone son of late Ultraman Belial.
  • Ultra Warriors
  1. Ultraman Z: The hero with a strong sense of justice and want to prevent mankind from aliens and antagonist attacks. Some of his powers are as follows

-Alpha Edge

-Beta Smash

-Gamma Future

  • Antagonists
  1. Celebro: A parasite form which is capable of possessing other creature.
  • Monsters And Aliens
  1. Vicious Space Shark Genegarg
  2. Invisible Monster Neronga