Unlock 4.0 Rules And Guidelines: Metro Services Reopen,Public Gathering

It’s been six months of lockdown in India after the spreading of coronavirus all over the planet. The decision to lock 130 crores people in India was tough. But we the citizens of India follows every order that was given by the government. With this decision, the government was able to get control over the spreading of the virus. Also, the cases are coming more and more every day in some places. Now the government is planning to go for Unlock 4.0 which the fourth unlock. Here are the Unlock 4.0 Rules And Guidelines are given by the Ministry of Home Affairs. This unlocks 4.0 is only for the citizens living in the non-contaminant zone.

What are Unlock 4.0 Rules And Guidelines?

On 29th August 2020 a notice releases by the Ministry Of Home Affairs which state the following things. According to the disaster management act the National Disaster Management Authority order to open the areas outside the contaminant zone. The date up to which unlock 4.0 will be there is 30th September 2020.

Guidelines For Unlock 4.0 For Educational Institution

The activities which will be performing during this unlock will be as follows. This is only for the non-containment zones.

  • The governments permit all the activities outside the containment zone but in certain restrictions.
  • School, colleges, coaching and educational institutions all will remain close until 30th September 2020. However, online and distance learning can be done by educational institutions.
  • Up to 50% of teachers and non-teaching staff gets permission for online teaching and counselling of students. The decision totally depends on State Governments. This guideline is only for the non-contaminant zone. In order to do this Standard Operating Procedure will be given by the Ministry Of Health And Family Welfare.
  • Students from class 9th to class 12th have the permission to go the school. But it will totally depend on the students whether he wants to go to school or not. This rule will also start on 21st September 2020.
  • Skill and Entrepreneurship training conducts by National Skill Development Corporation will start from 21st September 2020.
  • Higher education institutions such as postgraduate, P.hd scholars can visit institutions for the lab or any technical experiments.
  • Metro rail will operate from 7th September 2020 on graded manner. Standard Operating Procedure will be given by the Ministry of Housing And Urban Affairs.

Other Guidelines People Need To Follow

  • Any kind of gatherings such as political, social, cultural, entertainment, sports, religious, academic or any other functions. The limit of the gathering will be 100 persons under the same roof. This rule will come into action from 21st September 2020.
  • For the functions like Marriage, the number of people allowed is around 50 and for the funeral, it is 20. But the scenario will change to 100 people after 21st September 2020.
  • Cinema hall, Swimming pools, Entertainment park, theatres and other similar places will remain close until the further notice.
  • International flights will available as per directions of Ministry Of Home Affairs.
  • For the containment zone, the lockdown extended date will be 30th September 2020. No movements of people should be there from the containment zone and strict measures will be taken.
  • State and Union Territories Governments are not allowed to impose any lockdown outside the containment zone without the consultation of the central government.
  • No E-permit or approval is necessary for moving from one state to another and inside the state.
  • Standard Operating Procedure will be following by the people travelling by domestic air flight, Air transport bubble flights or Vande Bharat express.
  • Peoples above 65 years of age, children below 10 years and pregnant women advisable to stay at home. In case of any medical emergency then only move outside from their homes.
  • As for the companies work from home should be following. Maintain the 6 feet distance. Cover the nose and mouth with face mask. Maintain social distancing. frequent sanitization of workplace doors and handles. Thermal screening and handwash or sanitizer should be there at the commonplace.

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