Upcoming PS4 Games 2020: Top 6 Best Playstation Title Of 2020

The gaming industry is booming every year with a net worth of $160 billion in the year 2020. It is estimated that by 2025 the net worth of the gaming industry will be $300 billion. There are thousands of games that are releasing every day. But some game creates an impact on gamers which make them play the same again and again or waiting for the new part to release. Here are the top 10 Upcoming PS4 Games 2020 titles you are eagerly waiting to play.

1. The last of us 2

Initial release date: 29th May 2020

The first part of this series was released in the year 2013 and become the greatest hit. One of the best adventure games of that year. Now the second part of this series which is the last of us 2 released recently. This survival action-adventure game is all about the girl name Ellie who survives across the post-apocalyptic United States. The whole game is featuring Ellie who crosses the way of some mysterious Christian cult in post-apocalyptic united states. Develop by Naughty Dog and publish by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This third-person shooter game can only be found in the PS4 platform. Also, improvising the weapons and stealth mode to fight any hostiles in the game.

The final release date of the last of us 2 is on 19th June 2020 as per the announcement date given by Sony Entertainment. If you are looking for action-adventure survival horror third-person shooter games then this game is best. If you know this or not but this game has won many awards Golden Joystick Award etc.

2. Cyberpunk 2077

Initial release: 17th September 2020

If you waiting for role-playing games other than GTA 5 then your waiting is over now. The Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the best games starring famous actor Keanu Reeves as a mercenary in the game. The game is an open world with six distinct regions. There a lot of customizable items in the game like weapons, clothes, and mercenary appearance itself. Cyberpunk 2077 is a first-person perspective game and available for all platforms such as Playstation, XBOX, and PC. The game has two one is single-player and the other is the multiplayer mode. In online multiplayer games, you can play with your friends by becoming the game character. Cyberpunk 2077 won different awards in 2018. According to its trailer, this game is one of the best Upcoming PS4 Games 2020.

3. Ghost of Tsushima

Initial release: 17th July 2020

The Ghost of Tsushima is the best action-adventure stealth game. Basically, the game story revolves around a samurai named Jin Sakai the last samurai of the Tsushima island after the Mongol invasion. Ghost Of Tsushima is an open-world third person without any waypoint in the game. You can go anywhere in this game by riding on the horseback. There is a grappling hook in the game which you can use to reach the difficult places. There side weapons of samurai such as smoke bombs, kunai, and firecrackers to create distractions. The main weapon in this game is Katana a sword. This game has the potential to become the largest action games selling copy.

4. Outriders

Initial release: December 2020

Outriders is a Third Person perspective game with two modes single-player and multiplayer mode. This game comes in the role-playing shooter game category. In this game, there are four different characters with different abilities. Customize the character according to your choice. There are four classes in the game such as Trickster, Pyromancer, Devastator and fourth is unrevealed in the game. This fourth class we able to know when the game will release. There are different weapons such as shotguns and assault rifles. The health regeneration process is different in the game without killing or hurting enemies you can’t regenerate. This is one of the best third-person shooter games which is going to release in fall 2020.

The game is available on all platforms such as PS4, PS5, XBOX, and PC.

5. Godfall

Initial release: December 2020

Godfall is an upcoming action role-playing game that is going to be released in the fall-winter of 2020. This game has two modes on is single-player and the other is the multiplayer mode. The game is available for Microsoft Windows and Playstation 5. This game is a fantasy game in which there are different realms such as Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Spirit. In order to prevent the apocalypse event by saving these all five realms. There are three primary characters in this game and according to the character gears will upgrade. This game is the competitor of Outriders in the role-playing games category.

6. Marvel’s Avenger

Initial release: 4th September 2020

If you are looking for action games then Marvel’s Avenger is going to release soon. Marvel’s Avenger is an action-adventure video game that contains all the characters of the Marvel universe. If you want to add more characters in the game as a DLC. The game is available offline for the single players as well as four people can play in the multiplayer mode. There is a skill tree in the game through which you can upgrade your characters. The individual character abilities can be increased and costume customization is available. In this game, you can see all the Marvel characters and the player will receive updates containing all new regions and characters. The game is available for XBOX one, Stadia, Microsoft Windows, and Playstation 4. in terms of online multiplayer games this game is best in graphics as well as the storyline.


These are the upcoming PS4 games 2020 titles you can play this year. The games are full of action-adventure, survival, horror, stealth, and role-playing. The gamers need to brace themselves for the release so that they can play on their consoles.