US President Donald Trump Claims PM Modi Support In 2020 US Election

Recently, news regarding the upcoming US presidential elections which is going to be held in the month of November. The current US President Donald Trump gave a controversial speech from the White House. He claims that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is supporting him to elect as a next president for the United States.

According to the reports, of The Economist two people are standing for the presidential candidature. One is Donald Trump from the Republican Party and the Other candidate is Joe Biden from Democrat Party. Also, the forecast given by The Economist says that the winning chances of Joe Biden are more. The statistics show there are 84% chances of Joe Biden win whereas 16% for Donald Trump.

The gap between the popularity of both the candidate increases after the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Also, the increase in death due to the COVID-19 affect the popularity of Donald Trump. The figure may increase up to 2 Lakhs death in coming few months. As you, all know-how in 2016 elections Donald Trump wins against all the odds defeat the opposition candidate Hillary Clinton.

Back in 2016, Trump was a new candidate for the presidential position. Hence the people thought to gave him a chance to believe that change will come. But the pandemic situation changes the people minds. Lots of peoples lost their jobs and virus spreading in the US at an alarming rate.

In desperation, the US President Donald Trump states that Indian Prime Minister Modi is supporting their campaign. But there is no official statement from the India side that Modi is helping Trump election campaign.

What Was The Statement Of US President Donald Trump?

Here is the US President Donald Trump statement “We have great support from India. We have great support from the prime minister Narendra Modi. I would think that Indian people would be voting for Trump“, said Trump at the White House. This statement by Trump has created an issue for India. According to the Trump Modi is directly helping the Trump election campaign which will complicate the relationship with the Democrats party. That will not be fruitful for India.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump

Concerns For India

According to the reports, Joe Biden is the powerful contender in this election in comparison to Donald Trump. The US intelligence claiming that China is trying to support Joe Biden. If the Democrats win and the chances are high then it will be harmful to India if it supports the single party. Also, US intelligence states the US president candidature is getting help from the other countries. Such as Russia is supporting Donald Trump and China is supporting Joe Biden.

Joe Biden tells about his policies if he wins the presidential election.

  • Firstly, the trade war between China and America will put to an end. According to the Democrats party China is the strategic threat in the long run but now in order to revive the US economy.
  • Secondly, we will criticise China for Hong Kong issues and issue regarding the Uighur Muslims.

Joe Bidens Vision For The Future

  • The US will try to restore the nuclear deal with Iran. To revive the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action(JCPOA) between the US and Iran. For this, China is ready to invest 400 billion dollars for the next 25 years.
  • India will definitely benefit with this but China is the one will be in maximum benefit with this deal.

Controversy Regarding Joe Biden Son Hunter Biden

According to the reports of the South China Morning Post, Joe Biden son Hunter Biden holds director position in China-backed equity firm. Since the equity firm is not under the Chinese government but people working in this firm once related to the Chinese Communist Party. The Wall Street Journal published an article in which Hunter Biden said if his father wins the election then he leaves the directorship position from the Chinese equity firm.

The Conclusion of this controversy is that the Prime Minister should not support any candidate in US elections. India should build strategical ties with both the parties irrespective of who the next president will be.

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