Amy Dorris Accuses US President Donald Trump For Sexual Harassment

U.S. President Donald Trump is always in the news headlines in the American media whether for his speech, behaviour and other things. Recently Amy Dorris accuses Donald Trump of the sexual harassment. As per the news article Publish in “The Guardian” which grasp the attention of the worldwide media. Let us know in detail Why Amy Dorris accuses the U.S. President Donald Trump. Is the allegation is right or wrong? Did Donald Trump in actual sexually harassed Amy Dorris all we know in this news article.

Allegation Of Amy Dorris Against Donald Trump?

On the U.S. President, there are more than dozens of allegations regarding the sexual assault on the women in the last four decades. Amy Dorris, who is a model, with the interview with “The Guardian” accuses Donald Trump with the following allegations. Many questions are arising against her that why she is accusing the president in the election time? She could have said it earlier to which Amy Dorris replies.

When she was 24 years of age at the US Open Tennis Tournament two decades ago Donald Trump sexually abuses her. On addition to this, she also accuses of groping and forcefully kiss in the VIP box at the Tennis Court in New York. Donald Trump holds her tightly so that she could not escape and put his tongue down to her throat. This a very serious accusation against the US President.

About Amy Dorris

Amy Dorris is a former model and actress. She is 48 years married woman with two kids who lives with his husband in Florida. With this accusation, Amy Dorris became the 25th woman who is accusing US president of sexual misconduct. Also, she said she met him on the US Open Tennis Tournament in September 1997 when she was 24 years of age and working at Miami as a Model.

Donald Trump

In the interview with “The Guardian” Amy was asked that Why is she raising her voice at the election time? Why did not she come forward in 2016 when other women were accusing Donald Trump of the sexual assault? To which Amy reply that she was afraid at that time she thought if she raises her voice then it might be dangerous for her family. She remains silent to protect her family.

Full Story of Sexual Assault of Amy Dorris

Amy Dorris boyfriend Jason Binn who was a good friend of Trump. The first introduction of Amy with Trump on the US Open Tennis Tournament on September 5, 1997. That’s where she was the first time to face sexual assault. At that time Trump was 51 years old. He belongs to a rich family and one of the great real estate tycoon. She also said she meet him at the trump tower where his boyfriend introduces her to the Trump.

After that, all of them leave to watch the tennis match in his private VIP Box. Adding on his story she said “He came on very strong right away”. After that Amy went to washroom to fix her eyelenses. That’s where all the thing happened. Trump was waiting outside the washroom and hold her tightly. After that he put his tongue down to his throat, touches her at vital points. grab her breast and back. Amy beg him to leave her but he hold her more tightly.

She was taurmatised with this and leave the match. But according to the Trump legal advisors she was watching match with his boyfriend and Trump. How is this possible to watch match after getting sexual assault said legal advisors. This seems to be very fishy as she is trying to defame the next presidential candidature. Also, the legal action will be taken against all those who put false accusation on the Trump.

Amy said she took the therapy after the harassment in 1997 and the doctor who took the therapy said it is true that she came for the therapy. Also she said his husband knows about this but Jason Binn said he doen’t know about this matter. All the allegations are denied by the US president Donald Trump.

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