Weathering With You Ranks Third After Reopening Of Theaters In Japan

Weathering With You is one of the best anime movies of 2019. This anime movie comes under the romantic and fantasy genre. The movie was released on 19 July 2019 in Japan and up to this date, the collection of this film is around 20 Billion Japnese Yen. The director of the movie Makoto Shinkai awarded as the best director featuring this anime. Around two weeks ago all the theaters in japan were reopened after COVID 19 situation. The movie was trending on the third number all over the theatre. Since the movie was released in the year July 2019 but the response of the movie from the audience was very good. From this, we can know the popularity of anime movies in Japan.

Storyline Of The Movie

The story revolves around a boy and a girl. The boy’s name is Hodaka Morishima who is a high school student who runs from his house to live in Tokyo. He is struggling to find a job and at the Macdonalds he the girl Hina who gives him food. Later on, he finds that the girl Hina has some psychic power to manipulate the weather. There is always rain pouring in Tokyo city because of the girl. In the mean of time, Hodaka was in love with Hina. When Hina was working for the Macdonalds the owner tries to intimidate her at that time Hodoka saved her by pointing the gun on the club owner. The police start searching for Hodaka and Hina at the same time both of them with Nagi run a wedding business which became successful.

The police get the information about three and Hina reveals that she is turning into water. She goes to the sky in order to protect Hina Hodaka goes with him. He told not to worry about the come with him it will be alright. In the next seen all of them get arrested except Hina who goes into the sky. After three years Hodoka graduates and come to Tokyo where he finds Hina praying in the street and once again both meets. Hodaka promise Hina that he will not leave her side ever again.

How To Watch Weathering With You Online?

The anime movies are available at the Crunchyroll and Funimation. To watch the weathering with you online on these two websites membership is necessary which will be monthly or yearly. Otherwise, there are free websites where the movie can be watched free of cost.

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Response From The Audience About The Movie

The response getting from the anime lovers were great as they love the plot of the movie. On Rotten tomatoes, it was 91% fresh based on the reviews of people. The IMDB rating of the movie is 7.6 and 96% of Google users like this anime movie. On Metacritic, the average score of the movie is 72 out of 100. From this awesome score, you can imagine how popular the movie was? All over the world where the movie was released, it was at the top for the first three days. This response of the people all over the world tells about how good the story of the movie is? It’s a recommendation to all anime lovers to watch this movie.

Awards Won By Weathering With You Anime Movie

In anime movies 2019, the movie receives awards in various category some of them are as follows:

  • 13th Asia Pacific Screen Award: Best Animated Feature Film
  • Animation is Film Festival 2019: Audience Award
  • Scotland Loves Anime 2019:¬†Audience Award

In 2019 this anime movie nominates in different categories but unable to win. In 2020, the movie got other awards that make a place in the best anime movies category.

  • 6th Anime Trending Awards
  • Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2020
  • 43rd Japan Academy Film Prize¬†


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