Whatsapp New Features: Four Devices Can Access One Account

Whatsapp is one of the most popular social media platforms. This platform allows you to form groups, chatting, and do video calling with your family and friends. With more than a billion users it is one of the largest platforms. Recently, Whatsapp New Features are trending among the news and other social media platforms. These new features are soon to be found in the upcoming update. Let us know what are the new features unleash in the upcoming or later on updates.

Upcoming Whatsapp New Features

The famous social media platform announces a new feature in the Whatsapp which will benefit those who are keeping more than one smartphone. Now it will be easier for them to use the Whatsapp on other devices as well. Earlier you can use your account on one device only. If you login your Whatsapp account on other devices then it automatically logout from the primary devices. In order to overcome this problem Whatsapp Web was introduced which allows you to log in to your account in other devices. The Whatsapp web requires authentication from the primary phone in which Whatsapp is logged in. Scan the QR code and there you go to use Whatsapp on the second device.

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According to the website WEBetainfo¬†which gives information about the upcoming Whatsapp New Feature. WEBetainfo states that this feature allows the user to use the Whatsapp on four devices from the same account. This revolutionary feature will only be possible if a user uses Wifi to access all the four devices in order to synchronize the data. Also, the new feature which makes the use dates in order to search for any chat history. Currently, it is very difficult to search for any chats like two or three weeks ago. But with this feature, it will very easy for the users to find chat history if the user knows the date. Let’s wait for the new update maybe these features can be seen in the new update.