WhatsApp Security Breach: Is Your Whatsapp Chat Or Messages Are Safe

Recently, many questions are putting up against the Whatsapp Security Breach. After the death of a famous actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death many Whatsapp chats of famous celebrities are leaking out.

This has created a lot of commotion among the common people that is their WhatsApp chat is really private. News channels are leaking the Whatsapp chats between the celebrities on their channels. But the question arises how even media is getting the leaked Whatsapp Chat?

Is Facebook is breaching the privacy of the users? or someone hacks WhatsApp account of the celebrities. According to the Whatsapp Security features it provides end-to-end encryption to users.

Whatsapp Security: What Does End To End Encryption mean on Whatsapp?

Most of the people do not about Whatsapp End To End Encryption means. As you’ll all know Whatsapp is owned by famous tech as well as social media giant Facebook. The end to end encryption features comes in the year 2016.

In simple meaning end to end encryption means communication directly between the senders and receiver. Your message will not be store on any servers even pictures and videos come under this encryption policy.

Whatsapp Video calls or simple calls are encrypted and the third party cannot listen to it which includes the Whatsapp itself.

Does Whatsapp have access to the chats?

The answer is No. The Whatsapp cannot access the chats or messages taking place between the two individuals. All the details regarding the encryption written on their Frequently Asked Question section.

In this FAQ  Whatsapp clearly states that the messages sending between you and the recipient can read the message. There will be no involvement of the third party or even Whatsapp between your messages. Hence all of your messages are private and no one can misuse it.

Are there any security issues with Whatsapp?

No there are no security issues according to the WhatsApp because it uses end-to-end encryption methods to secure its chats. Many people have questions in their minds Can Whatsapp encryption be hacked? The answer is no even he is a pro hacker it will be very hard for a hacker to hack WhatsApp messages and encrypt it.

The Whatsapp end-to-end encryption-based on the Diffie Hellman key exchange which gives new directions in cryptography. Earlier only channels are secured with the encryption keys and it the hacker breaks this key then he gets the entire conversation between you and the receiver.

But now after the end to end to end encryption technology your every message is encrypted has a unique key and if the hacker gets this key then he will be able to read only one part of the message. Apart from this, it is not easy to break the encryption code hence rest assure your messages or private chats are safe.

The company which built the end to end encryption for Whatsapp was Open Whisper Systems. The company is known for its best projects for its signal app. This open-source framework also ensures privacy that WhatsApp is using currently.

Even the most popular hacker Edward Snowden uses this signal protocol Where he quotes: “I use Signal Every Day“.

Can Hacker’s Hack The Server And Read Your Messages?

The answer is NO. First hacking a server is not a piece of cake because it has several security barriers. Now the end to end encryption removes all the vulnerabilities.

Since they do not store the messages on their servers once the message is delivered. Earlier the WhatsApp does not secure the entire channel but a small part of it. Only between the user and server, it sends the encrypted message then it decrypts at the server and then encrypts again and sends it to the receiver. But there might be a chance that while decrypting the message security issues may occur.

While the encryption technology using these days is highly advance and it is nearly impossible to hack. Because all the communication channels between the user and receiver are encrypted.

WhatsApp security breach

How WhatsApp Security fails and Chats or Messages Are Leaked?

WhatsApp ensures 100% security in its end to end encryption method. This means if the chat is taking place between the two people individually then there is no chance of security failure.

What are the reasons for the Whatsapp Chats leak?

Now here are the reasons why your WhatsApp chats get leaked? You can prevent it by using some smart ways so that your private data will be secure.

  • Firstly, the chances of leakage of messages or chats come from the Whatsapp groups you joined. Since Whatsapp ensures end to end encryption of messages between two individuals. But when the third party like in a group where all the people can see your message. In case you send something private like photos, videos and messages then there is a chance of leakage of your data.

That’s the place where Whatsapp can’t do anything from his side. The data can be shared at any place cause the third party user to have your data now.

  • Secondly, the user whom you are chatting to can leaks your chat information. He can forward it to other people then they forward it to others in this way a chain forms and your data is now with different peoples. The deletion of data can save you until the receiver didn’t read the message. If the receiver reads it then you can’t do anything now your data is in danger.
  • A bug attack can also leak out your messages from the Whatsapp. It takes control over your phone and accesses anything from it. Hence you need to make sure that all you do not click on the unwanted links or the links which seems suspicious.

WhatsApp reveals that Israel’s NSO group is spying on over the 1400 people all over the world which includes civil activists and journalists through the bug. In this way, Whatsapp can not do anything because it solely depends on the user.

Should We Stop Using Whatsapp?

It is solely based on your choice of whether to use Whatsapp or not. But currently, Whatsapp is the only platform which is providing the best end to end encryption technology. You can use this app and there is no chance of any information leakage. As I have told the reasons for the WhatsApp chats leaks.

There are similar chatting platforms that use the same encryption technology and they are successful. But there are several flaws in there might be a leak of users’ data.

What Precautions Should You Take To Avoid Leakage Of Data?

There are three measures you should take to avoid leakage of data on Whatsapp.

  • Do not share your personal or private data on groups cause it involves a third party which means there is a chance of data leakage.
  • Do not forward any personal or private data like photos, videos, or any vague messages. Incase if the receiver forwards it to the other groups which might leak your data.
  • Do not click on the unfamiliar links it might be a bug that will install on your device and secretly spy on your data.


Follow this and your data will be secure no one can lay hands on your personal data. Hope this information regarding the WhatsApp Security breach will be helpful. Like this article share with your family and friends so that the confusion regarding the Whatsapp data leak will be clear to them.

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