Wikipedia: The largest Encyclopedia Is Asking For Donations From The Indian Users

Wikipedia is one of the largest sources of learning and gathering information. Any information regarding any field is just one click away from us. Recently, Wikipedia launches a campaign in India for collecting the donations. When an Indian user opens the Wikipedia for the information a message popup on the screen. The message is “Hi, readers in India, it seems you use Wikipedia a lot; that’s great! This is the 2nd appeal we’ve shown you. It’s awkward, but this Wednesday we need your help. We don’t have salespeople. We depend on donations from exceptional readers, but fewer than 2% give. If you donate just Rs 150, or whatever you can this Wednesday, Wikipedia Could keep thriving. Thank you”. So let’s get to the ground report and knows the reason behind asking the donations.

Why Wikipedia Is Asking For Donations?

Basically, this is the first time when Wikipedia starts a donation campaign on India. According to the reports, India is the 5th largest country to use Wikipedia as a source of gathering knowledge. Earlier the organisation is getting the donations from the united states and Europe. The information on the pages can be edited so some people create a nuisance by writing their own opinion. Recently, Lieutenant governer Manoj Sinha’s Wiki page was edited which says that he supports Kashmir freedom which is the wrong statement. But later on, it was changed by the community members. These nuisance party wants to create misinformation and commotion among the people. Due to these kinds of cases, the website is starting to lose its neutrality.

This statement was given by the co-founder of Wikipedia Larry Sanger. According to him Wikipedia now has become a place for trolling the public figures. In order to prevent this the administrator lock down the several pages where the editing is not possible. The reason behind asking for donations is that they have to maintain the infrastructure and pay salaries to their employees. In order to do that they need a reasonable amount of donation. This year the foundation target for fundraising of 88 million dollars.

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